145th knocks Squared Away out of playoffs
Capt. Walter Thomas, A Co. team captain, runs the ball during a play as players from Squared Away attempt to remove a flag during an intramural football game at Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Facility Nov. 15.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (November 21, 2012) -- A Company, 1st Battalion, 145th Aviation Regiment took down the 1st Battalion, 11th Aviation Regiment's Squared Away as they met on the football field in a close game at the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Facility Nov. 15.

The game had its share of close calls as both teams fought for the lead, but A Co. came out on top 24-14.

"It was a tough game and I feel like we kind of lost our composure toward the end, but we were able to come back and win," said Capt. P.J. Hall, player for A Co. "[Squared Away] was really good, but this win keeps us in the tournament and hopefully we'll be able to get to the championship game."

The game started as A Co. received the opening kick and managed a short return. A first down on their first play set the tone for their offense early on, but Squared Away's defense reminded them that they came to play.

The 1-11th team managed to bring their opponents to a fourth down, but rather than punting, A Co. went for the play but were unsuccessful and gave Squared Away possession.

As possession bounced back and forth, A Co. was finally able to break the stagnation as they came within yards of the goal line on a fourth down. The team decided to run a play rather than go for a field goal, which paid off to become the first touchdown of the game.

Squared away was determined to get on the scoreboard and came back with an aggressive offense, but an interception by A Co. stopped them in their tracks as they ran the ball all the way to the end zone to score their second touchdown, bringing the score to 14-0 in the first half.

As Squared Away received the kick, they managed to get by their opponent's defense for a 30-yard return to bring them to the 50-yard line. A couple of plays later they were within 10 yards of the goal line, but A Co.'s defense proved to be too much as they took possession of the ball at the end of the first half.

As the second half started, 1-11th received for a short return. They had their work cut out for them and they managed to slip past their opponent's defense with a 40-yard play that brought them close to the end zone, but A Co.'s defense stopped them again and forced a turnover at the 7-yard line.

A Co. was unable, however, to take the ball too far past the 50-yard line before Squared Away took possession of the ball. Their offense finally managed to push past their opponent's defense again and score their first touchdown with only nine minutes left in the game.

As the clock wound down, 1-11th was determined to keep their opponents out of the end zone, a feat they accomplished at as they took possession and ran the ball for their second touchdown to tie the game 14-14.

A Co., determined to stay on top of their opponents, matched Squared Away's offense as they managed first down after first down to inch closer to the goal line with time running out. They managed a touchdown with less than 26 seconds left in the game to retake the lead and put pressure on their opponents.

As 1-11th received, they aggressively pushed downfield, but were unable to score as the game ended.

"I think tonight's game showed that we can come back against a tough team," said Capt. Walter Thomas, A Co. team captain. "It showed a lot of composure on our team's part when our quarterback was able to make the pass for a touchdown on a fourth down."

Hall agreed on the team's decision to go for the touchdown rather than a field goal.

"We chose to go for it rather than kick a 45-yard field goal, which I think was a great decision, but the other team was really good," he said. "It's close games like this that build character. You really figure out what your team is made up of, and that's what playing these games is about."

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