WIESBADEN, Germany (Nov. 20, 2012) -- A year after asking Soldiers and civilians to take a hard look at whether or not they truly embody the Army's Values in their daily lives during the launching of Operation Solemn Promise, 5th Signal Command's Brig. Gen. Bruce T. Crawford was joined by Command Sgt. Maj. Gerald L. Tyce with a reinforcing message Nov. 16 at the Wiesbaden Fitness Center.
Calling on hundreds of listeners both in the hall and listening via live streaming to "re-energize a dialogue in Army Values," Tyce said, "Operation Solemn Promise is a constant reminder of why we serve."
Soldiers and civilians from throughout the command who were bused in from throughout Germany or watching online were asked to re-commit themselves to the core elements of the profession of arms -- trust, military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps and stewardship. Like the Army Values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage, the men and women who raised their hands to recite their respective oaths during the ceremony vowed to uphold those oaths of service.
"These values are our foundation," said Tyce, adding that he is "honored and proud to serve.
"Today we renew our commitment to the profession of arms," Tyce said, calling it the "most respected institution in society."
Tyce said it is the responsibility of each member of the Army Family team to preserve his or her ethical standards. Calling it a noble calling to serve the nation, Tyce said Soldiers will be continuously called upon to focus on the various aspects of the profession in the future.
"You are part of a team," he said, charging his listeners to embrace their legacy of service and to live up to their commitment to serve.
Calling it a professional development opportunity, Crawford said the recommitment is a time for "clarity and purpose to an ongoing Army dialogue about Army Values.
"You are empowered to make a difference," 5th Signal's commander said, adding that members of the profession of arms must set the example for others to follow.
"Almost a year ago today I asked you to rededicate yourselves to becoming more accountable," Crawford said, saying that while strides have been made, there is more work to be done to ensure the Army is ready to meet the challenges of the future.
Calling the Noncommissioned Officer Corps "the heart that pumps the blood that fuels the team," Crawford also praised "the love and commitment of military families" -- particularly during November, the Month of the Military Family. He also praised the support of local national employees and asked everyone to remember those still serving in harm's way.
Addressing young noncommissioned officers and officers, Crawford said he was optimistic the future of the U.S. Army is bright and in good hands.
During the ceremony that featured vocal renditions of the U.S. and German national anthems, "God Bless America" and "God Bless the USA," attendees also joined in welcoming a group of new young recruits during a mass enlistment ceremony.
"These are our sons and daughters," Crawford said. "This is why we serve. This is what it's all about."

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