CLARKSVILLE, Md. -- Students at the St. Louis School in Clarksville, Md. celebrated a Veterans Day they won't soon forget when Acting Baltimore District Commander Lt. Col. Brad Endres and Detachment Commander for the Asymmetric Warfare Group Lt. Col. Frank Walton visited with the students to share their military experiences.

Students watched in awe as if real-life superheroes stepped foot in their gymnasium. Walton and Endres provided a brief history of Veterans Day, answered questions such as "How should we honor veterans?" and "Where do soldiers go?," shared photos, and stressed the importance of respecting and thanking veterans for their service.

Acting Baltimore District Commander Lt. Col. Brad Endres Endres shared his experiences while deployed to Iraq where he worked as an engineer.

"I tried to fix a lot of broken things," Endres explained to the kids. "But it definitely wasn't an easy task. One such project was that I got to work with the Iraqi Armed Forces and taught them how to build a stronger infrastructure for their police force and their cities."

Endres highlighted the value of Veterans Day and the importance of the families who support the men and women who serve.

"We should also thank the families of service members," Endres said. "Because they also give up a lot and do a lot while their spouse is deployed."

Detachment Commander for the Asymmetric Warfare Group Lt. Col. Frank Walton shares the importance of saying thanks.

"Prior to today's presentation, the facilities manager setting up the gymnasium approached me, shook my head, and said, 'Thank you for your service,'" Walton told the students. "It's such a simple phrase but it means so much to those of us in the military."

Walton also told the students about his experiences while deployed in Afghanistan. By explaining the cultural differences, Walton painted a better picture of the living conditions in Afghanistan, especially the community's concern for their safety, daily interactions with the locals, and desire for a brighter future.

The presentation from the two soldiers was well received by the students who delivered a standing ovation at the end, as well as a collective "thank you" for their service.

At the end of the presentation, the daughters of Endres and Walton surprised their fathers by presenting them a care basket on behalf of their school to thank them for their service. The students have put together several baskets over the past few weeks that will be sent to soldiers deployed overseas.

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