FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- Mobile Training Teams will visit nine posts across the Army to teach training managers and trainers how to plan, prepare, execute and assess unit training.

The effort reflects a renewed focus on Army training as more troops return from the Middle East to home stations and the war in Afghanistan winds down.

Now commanders and senior NCOs will have to prepare training plans and carry them out at home stations. Previously, commanders relied heavily on top-down-driven training plans to allocate resources and depended on the Combat Training Centers to prepare their units for deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan.

"The Army's senior leadership has found that many mid-grade officers and NCOs are not entirely familiar with training management doctrine or processes," said Lt. Col. Damon Pfaltzgraff, Chief of the CSA-directed training management Mobile Training Teams (MTT).

The Training Management Directorate (TMD) at Fort Leavenworth will send two five-member teams to posts, starting with a Nov. 26-29 visit to Fort Carson, Colo.

At each post, the teams will conduct two-day sessions with 42 officers, NCOs and civilians to improve their Unit Training Management skills and knowledge. Those attending the classes then will pass on what they learned to others at their post in this train-the-trainer approach.

The MTTs will cover these primary topics:
• Training doctrine (ADP and ADRP 7-0 Training Units and Developing Leaders).
• Unit Training Management (UTM).
• Roles of commanders, leaders and NCOs in unit training.
• How to plan and execute training events.
• How to develop a unit training plan (UTP).
• How to plan and execute After Action Reviews (AAR).
• How to use the web-based tools of: UTM on the Army Training Network (ATN), Digital Training Management System (DTMS), and the Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS).

ATN is a web-based, one-stop shop for training resources and materials, and it links to UTM, DTMS and CATS. ATN is at

DTMS provides the ability to plan, resource, and manage unit and individual training at all levels. CATS provide task-based, event-driven training strategies, designed to assist commanders in planning and executing training events.

The teams' traveling schedule: Fort Carson, Colo., (Nov 26-29); Fort Riley, Kan., (Dec. 3-6); Fort Hood, Texas, (Jan. 7-10); Fort Bliss, Texas, (Jan. 14-17); Fort Campbell, Ky., (Jan. 21-24); Fort Lewis, Wash., (Jan. 28-Feb. 1); Fort Bragg, N.C. (Feb. 4-7); Fort Stewart, Ga., (Feb. 11-14), and Fort Drum, N.Y. (Feb. 18-22). Teams will visit other locations later in 2013.

TMD is part of the Combined Arms Center -- Training, which develops and supports training and leader development throughout the Army. Its web site is: It's Facebook page is: and Twitter handle is: @usacactraining.

For more information you can contact Mike Casey at 913-684-8016.

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