This Thanksgiving, our Army has many blessings to count. But you -- our Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians -- are the most precious blessings of all. Whether you celebrate the holiday with loved ones at home or with your battle buddies in the fight overseas, please know you and yours are in our thoughts. Thank you for your dedication to our nation and our way of life, and for the sacrifices youmake every day!

As leaders of the USACR/Safety Center, we are extremely thankful for the continuing decline in Soldier losses due to accidents. So far this fiscal year, you, your leaders and your battle buddies have slashed accidental fatalities by nearly 50 percent. This outstanding achievement closely follows the record year we had in 2012, when Soldier deaths attributed to accidents fell to lows not seen since the years prior to September 11. We owe it to our Army, our Families and ourselves to sustain the fight against accidents and stay safe during this extended holiday weekend.

However you spend your time, remember that indiscipline and its passive kin, complacency, can be your greatest enemies. It's OK to be late for Thanksgiving dinner if it means you arrive at your destination safely. You won't lose any respect for calling a cab if you have too much to drink. And it's perfectly acceptable to tell your buddy with the new motorcycle or firearm that you'd rather not test them out without formal training. Applying risk management isn't a downer; rather, it's what we as professionals do to help us make smart decisions, both on and off duty. Not only does it give you a new lease on life, it tells all around you, "I am a Soldier, and this is what right looks like."

Thank you again for your service to our Army and the United States of America. As a nation, we remain gratefully indebted to you. May you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!

Army Safe is Army Strong

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