BACH wins Army Medicine Business Bowl, $1 million prize
FORT CAMPBELL, Ky.--Blanchfield Army Community Hospital staff members compete in the first round of the Army Medicine Business Operations Bowl, or Biz Bowl Oct. 9, 2012 at Fort Campbell, Ky. Their hard work paid off as they earned the title of 2012 Best Military Treatment Facility, beating out every other MTF in the Army. Commander Col. Paul R. Cordts, Deputy Commander for Administration Lt. Col. Kyle Patterson, Clinical Support Division Chief Paul Pierson and noncommissioned officer in charge of the Department of Primary Care Sgt. 1st Class Marc Migala completed 3 more rounds, winning the final round in Fort Sam Houston, Texas Oct. 29, 2012 and winning $1 million which will ultimately improve patient care and services at BACH.

FT. CAMPBELL, Ky. -- Blanchfield Army Community Hospital took the 2012 Best Military Treatment Facility title in the Army Medicine Business Operations Bowl, or Biz Bowl, beating out every other MTF in the Army.

"This victory will bring $1 million back into the hospital that will ultimately improve our services and facilities for our patients," said BACH commander Col. Paul R. Cordts. "Competition encourages innovation and the Biz Bowl was no different. Every MTF took a close look at their processes, finding ways to improve, and that is a win for all patients."

The competition tested all 33 MTFs in the areas of readiness, quality, access to care and financial management. "We were one of 16 teams chosen to compete based on the great work our staff has done over the past year," said Cordts. "This is a victory for the entire hospital staff because their hard work and dedication throughout the year put us into the first round."

Four BACH employees, Clinical Support Division Chief Paul Pierson, Primary Care noncommissioned officer in charge of the Department of Primary Care Sgt. 1st Class Marc Migala, Deputy Commander for Administration Lt. Col. Kyle Patterson and Col. Paul Cordts, started the competition virtually. In the first round, they completed a written exam by video teleconference.

"It was a tough competition, but we were ready for it. Our team really showed how much we knew about Army Medicine but also demonstrated how much we care about our beneficiaries," said Pierson.
Pierson and his teammates proved they were ready for the challenge as the BACH team was one of eight that advanced to the quarterfinals and later competed against Kenner Army Community Hospital from Fort Lee, Va. in the final round of the competition Monday, Oct. 29 in San Antonio, Texas.

While there, the team members had to apply critical thinking to improve patient care outcomes in a variety of mock scenarios. Each team identified issues and proposed responses to the challenges faced by a mock MTF, many of which were taken from real life examples.

Cordts said he was excited that the BACH team made it to the finals and won the title of Best MTF in Army Medicine.

"Our team was made up of talented individuals who are truly compassionate about patient care outcomes. Every day, we care for the 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell Soldiers, their Families and retirees. Caring for this unique population helped prepare us for this competition. This is one of the most deployed Divisions in the Army who come to us with complex concerns, counting on us to help them through their challenges. Putting ourselves through strenuous situations, such as the mock case studies in the Biz Bowl, will ultimately help us continue to improve our services."

The competition was created to benefit all Army Medicine patients as the MTFs shared their best practices. Every team came away from the Biz Bowl with a better understanding of how to improve their hospital's services.

"This is serious business," said Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho, the Army Surgeon General and Commanding General U.S. Army Medical Command. "We do this today to help build on best practices and ensure the Soldier and the Army Family can remain 'ready and resilient'."

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