FORT SILL, Okla. -- November is Wounded Warrior Care month and the Fort Sill Warrior Transition Unit has scheduled a number of events, according to Muhammad Ali, Information Referral and Outreach coordinator. He explained that the warrior care month is open to the Fort Sill community.

"The care month emphasis is to highlight services that are offered to the wounded Soldiers, and it's not limited to just Soldiers in the WTU. It is also for Soldiers on Fort Sill who may not be assigned to the WTU or Soldiers who are getting out of the military, via medical board or expiration of term of service," said Ali.

He went on to explain they have a number of events scheduled throughout the month with a theme for each week:

Week 1: "Motivation and Inspiration" will feature a guest speaker Nov. 2 at 1 p.m. Jake Rademacher, who produced the documentary video "Brothers at War" about the experiences of his two brothers while they were deployed during the Iraq war and their family, will speak to WTU Soldiers at the Soldiers and Family Assistance Center.

Week 2: "Education and Career" will include two job placement events, both on Nov. 8. The first one is at the Truman Education Center. Representative from several schools and training academies will be present, including Caterpillar diesel and a motorcycle maintenance academy from Tulsa. There will also be a hiring event in Norman, for up to 14 Soldiers. A representative from the Fort Sill Army Career and Alumni Program will conduct mock interviews to help Soldiers be more comfortable with the job interview process.

Week 3: "Transition Week" concentrates on helping Soldiers transition from the military to the civilian world.

"A lot of the WTU Soldiers have a hard time doing virtual hiring events on the computer. So we are planning a virtual hiring event that will take place in the SFAC computer room Nov. 15 from 1-4 p.m. During each session six Soldiers will go through the hiring event on the computers," Ali said.

Week 4: "Health and Healing" will feature a fishing trip to Lake Texoma, Okla., Nov. 16-18.

Thirty Soldiers will have the opportunity to go on a relaxing fishing trip, with the only expense being the cost of an Oklahoma fishing license.

Week 5: "Benefits Week" will feature speakers from the Veterans Center in Oklahoma City who will explain benefits for Soldiers entering the VA system.

There will also be a bowling event Nov. 29 sponsored by Fort Sill Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation. Fifty wounded warrior Soldiers can bowl for free from 3-6 p.m. at Twin Oaks Bowling Center here.

A prayer breakfast will close out the warrior care month Nov. 30, with speaker Dr. Thomas Balmer, Cameron University psychology professor. Balmer is a disabled Vietnam veteran who will recount how he overcame depression and physical problems to become a college educator.

Other events during the month include:

The Military Officers Association of America will host a dinner for Fort Sill's wounded warriors Nov. 27 at the Multi-Purpose Event Center in Wichita Falls. This event is to show appreciation to the men and women who have served in the military and given sacrifice to their country.

Motivational films will be shown at the SFAC Nov. 7, 21 and 28. Contact the SFAC at 558-4988 for schedules and movie titles or more information about this month's events.

"I want the entire Fort Sill population to be involved with these events. When I came back from Somalia, I felt like everybody had a problem but me. My pride didn't allow me to go and seek the help that I needed. So we want Soldiers to be smart, not just strong, because it wasn't smart for me to need help and not pursue it," Ali said. "The stigmas that existed then still exist now as far as seeking help. So we want to help our Soldiers who need help, whatever that may be."

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