Logistic milestones, efficient solutions among topics at Army/DLA Day
Senior leaders from the Department of the Army, Army Materiel Command and the Defense Logistics Agency gather at Army/DLA Day Oct. 25 at McNamara Headquarters Complex. Attendees heard from senior leaders on logistic milestones and efficient solutions to support service members. Photo by Teodora Mocanu

FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- Top officials from the Defense Logistics Agency, Department of the Army and Army Materiel Command discussed recent logistic milestones at Army/DLA Day Oct. 25 at the McNamara Headquarters Complex.

"We have a lot of great stuff to talk about," DLA Director Navy Vice Adm. Mark Harnitchek said in his opening remarks. "I think there are a lot of great things we will do on your behalf. We exist to serve you. We write checks on the Army's accounts so we're always going to be effective in terms of supporting the customer no matter what that is or where that is."

Gen. Dennis L. Via, AMC commander, agreed, adding that the partnership between the agencies is integral when it comes to supporting warfighters.

"This is one of the most important events we have throughout the year," Via said. "We do not enjoy a more important relationship and strategic partnership than we do with DLA. And I think that relationship will grow even more important as we continue to support combat operations in Afghanistan and as we begin to retrograde and reset equipment that we brought out of Iraq. The role that DLA plays in the supply chain in getting the parts that we need to be able to ensure we are very effective in regenerating and rebuilding combat readiness across our Army after 11 years of war is critically important."

Via said Army/DLA Day is a start to forming a transparency between the agencies, both of which work to ensure warfighters' needs are met.

"While you're here, the work never ends; the sun never sets over the AMC or DLA either," Via said. "We're mobile; we're worldwide. We won't address every issue in this one day. This relationship is continual. And my intent and my guidance to my team is I want to build on this great relationship that we have. I want to have a great transparency and work in a collaborative manner to meet the needs of our servicemen and women."

Cost and effectiveness go hand-in-hand, Harnitchek noted, adding that with recent draw downs and budget constraints, DLA is facing historic times in the field of logistics.

"We will let whoever our customer is define the outcome and effectiveness. On the back end, we're going figure out delivering that for the best value," Harnitchek said. "We are almost exclusively a working capital fund activity, and a big one, so we are ever mindful how much being effective costs.

Our strategy here is to get out in front of these fiscal challenges. You are here as an example of fortifying partnerships with our service customers."

During the roundtable discussion, attendees heard updates from DLA Finance and DLA Energy. Representatives from the Army also presented on topics including Army Campaign Plan milestones, depot storage audits and Army/DLA organic industrial base initiatives.

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