A complete and dynamic tactical exercise was completed yesterday in the Santa Maria training area, at KM 183 north of Punto Arenas, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General George W. Casey Jr., presided.

The units deployed all their armaments systems in the field, and with organic Regimental equipment of the Punto Arenas Garrision (Inf. Rgt. No. 10 "Pudeto", Cav. Rgt. No. 15 "Dragones", Eng. Rgt. No. 5 "Punto Arenas", and Log. Bn. No. 5 "Magallanes") executed a simple attack with armored and mechanized vehicles, artillery and engineer support, and telecommunication liaison teams.

At the conclusion of the exercise, General Casey commented on the efficiency demonstrated by the V Division and emphasized the excellent coordination and discipline shown in the training area. For his part, General Izurieta reaffirmed the excellent relationships maintained between the two countries.

The Chief of Staff of the US Army arrived in Chile on an official visit last Monday, 28 April, and will stay in our country through today, 20 April. Among other activities, he received the "Victory Cross" in a ceremony at the Military Academy and will travel to the Magallanes Region and the Chilean Antarctic.

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