U.S. Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal, Mich. -- Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center hosted Ray Semko aka "The D*I*C*E Man" at the Detroit Arsenal Oct. 16 to motivate the workforce and promote Operations Security awareness.

With more than 40 years of security and counterintelligence experience, Semko spoke of his years of government service in the military and intelligence community. Nationally known for his motivating D*I*C*E security awareness briefings, Semko presented an informative and entertaining two hour message that engaged the audience and made the message memorable. He provided a unique and fascinating look at OPSEC and how it is essential to maintain a strong and effective mission.

Originally D*I*C*E stood for "Defensive Information to Counter Espionage" but now, for today's all-encompassing threats, the "E" means Everything - espionage, terrorism, hackers, competitors, disgruntled insiders and more. Semko uses dice as a memory aid. He wants all employees to think about the important messages he conveyed every time they see dice.

For more information about garrison OPSEC programs, contact Todd Dickens at 282-4151.

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