Sixty-two Soldiers from across the Army will compete in a grueling, continuous 72-hour two-Soldier team competition at Camp Bullis October 26 -- Oct 28 to earn the title of the Army's best medics.

The first day of the competition begins with a physical fitness challenge, followed by an obstacle course and the pistol and rifle stress shoots.

The obstacle course will test the team's agility and physical strength. The M-9 stress shoot replicates a combat situation where every shot counts. Teams showcase their marksmanship skills, completing three separate firing engagements while evacuating a simulated casualty on a litter.

The second day of the competition includes an urban assault course, combat medic lanes and challenging advanced land navigation through the rugged Camp Bullis terrain.

Competitors will tackle the urban assault lane using simulated munitions similar to paint ball rounds. The Soldiers will be required to maneuver through an urban environment to engage the enemy while treating casualties and defending themselves.

The combat medic lanes test competitors' ability to perform casualty care in close quarters as well as their ability to evacuate wounded to a medical evacuation aircraft. The teams will be required to gain fire superiority, stabilize their casualty and move them to evacuation.

Events on the third day will include mass casualty scenarios and a litter obstacle course. The final event will be a timed 2.7 mile buddy run, testing the fortitude and endurance of the competitors.

The awards ceremony hosted by the Army Surgeon General, Lieutenant General Patricia Horoho will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Oct 28. General Horoho will present trophies to the winning team and recognize all the teams for their accomplishments during the 72-hour competition.

The Army Golden Knights Parachute Team will drop in to congratulate the winning team.

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