U.S. Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal - To coincide with a Department of Defense policy to standardize the cost of childcare across the Services, the Army will institute new fees for Child and Youth Programs beginning Oct. 1. While the Detroit Arsenal's Child Development Center has been using a Total Family Income schedule for years, it has been implemented across the country to offer consistent fees from base to base.

Depending on location, some families may see an increase in their childcare fees, while others will see a reduction. In some cases, families may not see changes. "Most categories saw a decrease of four to six dollars with the exception of CAT1. CAT1 saw an increase of $52 but we do not have any families in that category," stated Jackie Uhazie, CDC Director.

The new fees are based on total family income, not rank or civilian grade. By 2014, DOD plans to have fully implemented consistent fees for each of the nine total family-income categories. The intent of this policy is to create predictable and consistent childcare fees across all of the services.

The change affects users of Child Development Centers, School Age Care, Family Child Care, Middle School & Teen Programs, Youth Sports & Fitness, and Army Community Based Programs.

This year will mark the final phase of the Army's three-year transition to comply with the DOD Child and Youth Fee Policy.

The U.S. Army Installation Management Command, through its Family and MWR Programs, continues its commitment to affordable childcare and youth programs by striving to keep fees lower than comparable community programs and by paying a portion of the cost for Child and Youth Programs.

Families affected by the new fees will receive information about their specific changes through their local Child Youth & School Services.

Army Fee Assistance for Community Based Programs can be used toward annual child registration fees, full-day care, part-time care, before and after school and summer school age care, respite child care, financial hardship waivers and reductions for Wounded Warriors, families with multiple children, and survivors of fallen Soldiers. To participate, families and Community Child Care providers must complete an online application. (Story composed from local sources and Evan Dyson, U.S. Army Installation Management Command)

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