Army perspective
Col. Peter Nielsen, chief of clinical operations for Western Regional Medical Command, was the guest speaker at a private opening reception of a special exhibition at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. La. The exhibition, entitled "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race," was produced by the Smithsonian Holocaust Museum. Nielsen's presentation illuminated the ethical challenges faced by physicians in combat. "It was truly an honor to participate in the opening ceremony of such an important exhibit at the National WWII Museum," Nielsen said. "Having been born in New Orleans and much of my family from the city, it was humbling to share my personal experiences in combat and how the Army Medical Department has such a long and honorable history of care with compassion for all who are injured during combat and the need to ensure that military medicine remains true to its heritage." Of the 300 total attendees, several distinguished guests were present including Dr Nick Mueller, chief executive officer of The National WWII Museum; Dr. Ben Sachs, Dean of Tulane School of Medicine; Jackie Clarkson, Council-at-Large Member of the City Council of New Orleans.

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