70 Delta
Fort Sam Houston, Texas - COL Andrew Smith, USAMITC Commander, addresses the 70 Delta class held recently at the command. U.S. Army photo by Larry Crepeau

FORT SAM HOUSTON, TEXAS -- The U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC) hosted a group of Medical Service Corps Officers striving to become Healthcare Management Information Officers, or 70 Deltas (70Ds). The Soldiers, working to become "Deltas," attended an in-brief at USAMITC recently as part of the Medical Information Management Course (MIMC) conducted at the U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDCS).

Fourteen Soliders, ranging in rank from Second Lieutenant to Major, attended the single afternoon event. This served as an introduction to the type of support they will have later as they assume their duties as Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) and various other positions throughout the Army Medical Command.

"Today also afforded the students an opportunity to be introduced to senior 70 Deltas--giving them a chance to put names with faces and at the same time putting them in touch with future points of contact and potential mentors," said Maj. Chadwick Fletcher, USAMITC's Core Technology Deputy Division Chief/Operations Officer and a 70 Delta himself. "Not only were the students able to ask questions, it gave us the chance to emphasize we are here for them, now and in the future, as they grow to become leaders in the 70 Delta field."

The afternoon started with an operational briefing from Col. Andrew Smith, the USAMITC Commander. The students were given a tour of various aspects of the Command: the Video Network Center, the Data Center and the Enterprise Service Desk. Following, each USAMITC Division Chief briefed the Soldiers on major initiatives from their respective divisions, both current and projected, and the impact of these initiatives on Army Medicine. Upon conclusion of these briefings, the students participated in a Question and Answer session with Maj. Fletcher and other USAMITC staff.

Fletcher said this also allowed him the opportunity to discuss the life of a Chief Information Officer, some of the challenges they will face later on in their careers, and the significant impact that Information Management/Information Technology has on the delivery of healthcare.

"It was great to see the enthusiasm and current knowledge of this group of students," Fletcher said. "We are in a demanding and promising career field as Healthcare Information Management Officers. Col. Smith and I were extremely encouraged at the potential of these leaders as future 70 Deltas."

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