It is truly an honor for me to assume command of this great installation. My family and I look forward to being active participants here on the depot and in the surrounding communities for the next three years.

Thank you for the warm welcome received at the Change of Command and from the organizations that I've had the pleasure of visiting thus far.

It is the dedication and ingenious spirit that makes Anniston so special and vital to our nation's military.

Your reputation has preceded you, so you can imagine how delighted I was to become a member of the installation who has produced quality products for our military both at home and abroad.

You make the depot an organization that others have not only come to appreciate but expect results delivering the highest quality in the shortest period of time.

It is my belief we can continue to be the best in the business for years to come.

We must continue to look forward to the next 10 or 20 plus years and adapt ourselves to that future. It is about the ability to sustain ourselves without compromising safety and producing quality products at the lowest costs and in a timely manner, on or ahead of schedule.

As an active duty Soldier, I have learned to adapt to most situations. As civilians, I applaud you for being flexible while responding to the needs of our ultimate customer -- the warfighter.

It will take each of us to continue doing what we are doing, and that is equipping our military with the vehicles, artillery and weapons they have come to expect.

Again, I am happy to be a member of such a great team, located right here in Calhoun County, as we all remain committed to the defense of this great nation.

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