Pharmacy Promotion Poster

VILSECK, Germany - Having a cold or other illness is nothing to be happy about, but there is some good news that can help people feel better.

Over-the-counter medications are a free benefit for Soldiers, family members and retirees, said Maj. James K. Kenisky, the pharmacy director for Medical Department Activity Bavaria.

"If people are sick or they are having cold-like symptoms, they can go to the pharmacy and pick up over the counter medications," Kenisky said. "It's free of charge. We don't carry everything in the pharmacy; we only carry certain medications."

Over-the-counter medications are available at the pharmacy to treat coughing, congestion, diarrhea, upset stomach and more, he said.

"We carry over-the-counter medications, but we are limited in the scope of what we carry," Kenisky said. "We treat based of symptoms. The pharmacist is going to ask you what your symptoms are and then they will make some recommendations based on theā€¦ products that we do carry."

The pharmacy does not provide the list of over-the-counter medications and only provides medications based on symptoms.

No over-the-counter medications will be issued for children younger than 2-years of age, Kenisky said.

"If you are symptomatic, you can come in and get whatever you need," he said.

People who this benefit should inform their pharmacist or healthcare provider if they are taking any dietary supplements. Dangerous reactions can occur when combining dietary supplements with other medications.

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