FORT BENNING, Ga. - Senior Army and civilian officials representing the major subordinate commands and organizations around post gathered Friday for an MCoE Onsite forum.

The symposium was led by Maj. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Benning commanding general, who wanted to bring leaders together at McGinnis-Wickam Hall to discuss best practices, refine objectives and identify opportunities. More than 130 people attended.

"We're just looking at alternatives moving forward, but this was some great work today," McMaster said in his closing remarks. "This was an ideas session, which is exactly what you guys delivered."

Topics included training, leader development, MCoE organization, doctrine, installation issues and capabilities development. Attendees took part in smaller breakout sessions aimed at making recommendations and establishing priorities for improving the maneuver force's combat effectiveness.

"This was a chance for leaders to learn from one another and use our education and experience to better the installation as a whole," said Lt. Col. Bryan Sizemore of the MCoE Commander's Initiative Group. "How do we all come together to make Fort Benning a better place? That's what it's all about."

Sizemore said the forum also provided the commanding general a chance to reinforce his objectives and determine how subordinate units and agencies on post are meeting them.

"This is really to give everybody a common picture and understanding of what's important to him," he said.

Facilitators of each breakout group returned in the afternoon and presented findings to McMaster, as well as garrison leaders and the Infantry and Armor School commandants. The out-briefs summarized opportunities to increase efficiencies, obstacles and gaps to overcome, and a time frame to evaluate progress.

"We want to develop a roadmap and plan to get after these issues," Sizemore said. "It may or may not lead to a new path. It may be the same path with some new items. The big thing is we're reinforcing the things we do well and identifying potential opportunities."

In his wrap-up, McMaster emphasized that Fort Benning leaders will be "completely transparent" in any future decisions or policy changes.

"We laid out some bold courses of action," he said. "Everything decided will be what's in the best interest of our Soldiers, Families, civilians and the mission."

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