The United States Army Europe Commander, Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, traveled to Warsaw, Poland to celebrate Polish Armed Forces Day with Polish and international leaders Aug. 15. The day commemorates the decisive victory of Polish forces in the Battle of Warsaw during the Polish-Soviet War in 1920 and honors those who have continued to fight for the nation ever since.

The USAREUR Commander participated in the official ceremony held at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where the Polish President Bronis,aw Komorowski laid a wreath and provided remarks at the memorial. The President highlighted the commitment of the Polish Forces to future regional security to include their support of NATO and the defense missle shield. Additionally, he also stated the reduction of forces from the International Securtity Forces Afghanistan over the next couple of years will allow for further resorces being dedicated to partnering and strengthening of the alliance with the United States and NATO.

Following the memorial ceremony, the USAREUR Commander joined multi-national military and diplomatic leaders in a reception at the Presidential Palace. Hertling noted his admiration for tha days events and the strides taken by the Polish Forces.

"The Polish Land Forces have achieved an incredible amount in the last decade. I've seen their successful development as a professional force, trained and ready to operate at the multi-national level in Afghanistan, and I've also seen their diligent efforts to develop a strong, value-based Non-Commission Officer Corps, which provides invaluable leadership and skills to their Army," said Hertling during an interview with the Polish media.

Furthering the US/Polish partnership, the USAREUR Commander presented Lt. Gen. Zbigniew Glowienka, Commander of the Polish Land Forces and Maj. Gen. Jerzy Biziewski, Commander of the Polish 2nd Mechanized Corps, with the Legion of Merit. The medal was awarded to the Land Forces Commander for Glowienka's instrumental leadership of the land forces through a challenging transition period creating a modern and professional force. The 2nd Mechanized Corps Commander was also awarded the medal for spearheading operations of all Polish Brigades for service in Afghanistan since 2010. Additionally, Hertling received the Gold Medal of the Polish Land Forces from the Polish Minister of National Defense for his continued efforts to increase the military partnership between the two armies over the last decade. 

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