Electronic Submission of OERs, NCOERs on Track
Army Knowledge Online My Forms Inbox screen. OERs and NCOERs can be sent to and from My Forms to expedite the editing process.

ARLINGTON, VA - (Army News Service, April 16, 2008) - Electronic submission of evaluations via "My Forms" has increased from 19 percent to 70 percent in the past few weeks, according to Human Resources Command officials.

As of April 1, submission of officer and noncommissioned officer evaluation reports must be done electronically via "My Forms" on Army Knowledge Online and HRC representatives provided an update on the process Tuesday, emphasizing the benefits of online submission.

"The benefit is that its going to get your evaluation completed more quickly and with fewer errors, and it gets to your own personnel file much more quickly," said Lt. Col. Chelsea Ortiz, human resource manager at the HRC Evaluation Systems Office.

Individuals can prepare and submit the OERs and NCOERs online, via the My Forms link on AKO, and once all signatures are completed, the forms will go directly to HRC. A "wizard" tool is available to help Soldier's fill out the form to reduce errors.

"Use the guidance embedded in the form," Sgt. Maj. Arlita Crawford, NCO policy manager at HRC said. "It will ensure the form is processed accurately."

Ortiz cautions that Soldiers will encounter difficulties if they are not using the most up-to-date form. To ensure the correct form is being used, Soldiers should download the most current form from the Army Publishing Directorate's Web site and upload the template to My Forms, or use My Forms exclusively.

Submitting these forms electronically will allow errors to be corrected quickly and easily.

"If it does have errors, we're going to send it back, right away, to the sender," Ortiz said.

HRC can return the form to the Soldier for corrections via an e-mail attachment or by routing it through My Forms. Through instantaneous correction, the use of the wizard tool and tutorials available on the HRC Web site, the forms can be submitted ultimately to Headquarters, Department of the Army, completely error-free.

The process will be paperless, but Soldiers can access and print a copy of their record after processing by HRC if they desire.

Though electronic submissions have increased to 70 percent, "the goal is 100 percent submission as soon as possible," Crawford said.

The directive applies to Army Reserve, National Guard and Active component OERs and Army Reserve and Ative component NCOERs. National Guard NCOERs will continue to be sent to the state for processing and not submitted electronically, Ortiz said.

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