Pipelayers shut out Copperheads
Luke James, player for the Pipelayers, hits the ball during an intramural softball game at the Fort Rucker softball fields July 31.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (August 2, 2012) -- Recent storms caused some hiccups in the intramural softball post championship tournament, but it wasn't enough to stop teams from returning to the fields to compete for the title.

The B Company Pipelayers shutout the 1st Battalion, 13th Aviation Regiment Copperheads 20-0 July 31 to send the Copperheads into the loser's bracket in the double elimination tournament.

"I feel pretty good [about today's win]," said James Morter, pitcher for the Pipelayers. "We're getting warmed up in the tournament and getting into the action here. Everybody batted well today and everybody was feeling well, so we're going to keep that win streak going and see if we can't make a run deep into the tournament."

The game started as the Copperheads took to the outfield to prepare for their opponents to take to the plate.

The Pipelayers started with an out during their first at-bat, but followed it up with a base hit and an in-the-park home run that brought in two runs for the team to start the game off strong.

They continued with more base hits to keep the pressure on their opponents early in the game, but were eventually sent to the dugout as a player hit a pop fly to center field for the third out.

The 13th Avn. Regt. team took to the plate and their first batter was able to keep the ball on the ground, but unable to beat the throw to first base.

Their follow-up player was able to get a base hit to give the team the opportunity to stay on the heels of their opponents, but the team quickly accumulated three outs as they weren't able to get through their opponent's defense.

The B Company team went back to the plate as aggressively as in the 1st inning and hit multiple base hits to fill the bases, which allowed them to bring in run after run. They steadily brought runs in throughout the inning to bring the score to 7-0 before getting sent back into the field.

The Copperheads had their work cut out for them as they took to the plate and the pressure built for the team to score some runs before the 10-run rule took effect. They managed a base hit but didn't bring in any runs to go into the 3rd inning down by 7 runs.

The Pipelayers went back up to bat determined to stretch their lead by keeping the ball on the ground, and despite a strikeout, their spirits remained high.

"We're not a real strong power hitting team, so we don't try to hit homeruns," said Morter. "If we can, we will, but we like to get on base and get runs that way."

During the inning, the B company team managed to almost triple their runs with their base-hit strategy, and even managed a home run that brought in 2 runs for the team. By the time they were sent to the outfield, they led their opponents by 20 runs.

The pressure was on for the Copperheads going into the 3rd inning, but even more now that they were so far behind their opponents on the scoreboard. The Pipelayers defense proved to be too much for the team however, and they quickly accumulated three outs, which ended the game in the 3rd inning.

Morter said the win keeps him in high hopes for his team to win the tournament.

"I feel pretty good [about it]," he said. "As long as flight school is generous to us all and our schedules allow us to play … then we've got a good chance."

The Pipelayers won this year's midseason tournament and Billy Dart, player for the Pipelayers, said that the team is going to do it again for the post championship.

"There is no doubt [that] we're going to win the tournament," he said. "It's going to be a repeat of the midseason tournament because we were awesome then too."

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