Staff Sgt. Oscar Rodriguez facilitates resiliency training
Staff Sgt. Oscar Rodriguez, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 18th Fires Brigade, facilitates resiliency training July 19, Fort Bragg, N.C.

The 18th Fires Brigade hosted its Brigade First Line Leaders Course July 19, Fort Bragg, N.C. The course is part of the brigade's resiliency initiative and is aimed mainly at new leaders in the Brigade was created to provide leaders with the tools they need to better provide effective leadership to Soldiers.
"BFLLC stands for Brigade First Line Leaders Course and it targets all newly arriving E5's and Lieutenants within our command," said Chaplain (Maj.) Mark A Stewart, 18th Fires Brigade. "We created the BFLLC because there was a clear need, or capability gap, among our First Line Leaders… the Brigade's command teams have observed that junior leaders are frequently unaware of the resources available for assisting Troopers they supervise, and often lack the soft skills that enhance first line leadership."
Through out the course young leaders in the Brigade participate in a number of different classes and exercises that better prepare them for the situations they may encounter as military leaders. With the knowledge gained from the course the leaders learn tools they can reflect on when situations arise.
"The unit benefits in that our first line leaders have better tools available to assist the force. As Soldiers and Families experience less stress--or learn better coping mechanisms--the unit functions with fewer distracters," said Stewart.
Being in a small group and amongst other leaders in the Brigade, students in the course where able to address their concerns as leaders.
"The Soldiers were able to discuss issues important to them," said Tiffany Williams, Military and Family Life Consultant, 18th Fires Brigade.
By providing the information the first line leaders need, they can effectively engage Soldiers and provide valuable mentorship to their unit and Soldiers.
" Again and again, our analysis points to one primary demographic as the most effective at helping curb the tide of domestic abuse, substance abuse and suicidal behaviors," said Stewart. "First line leaders and more over, engaged leaders."
With the challenges that face the unit today the skills that the first line leaders are gaining from this course can help to make a more well rounded and battle-ready leader for the challenges of tomorrow.
"I hope that our leaders embrace professional development along soft skill sets and improve their garrison capabilities," said Stewart. "Further, I expect BFLCC to connect our leaders directly with subject matter experts throughout the Brigade and Fort Bragg, making their referral and resourcing process much more efficient. Most importantly, I want to see our Troopers and Families' needs addressed in the most professional, responsive manner possible."

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