FORT SILL, Okla.-- Did you know August marks the Army's third annual observance of antiterrorism awareness month?

Antiterrorism awareness is a critical aspect of our profession both on and off duty because the threat of terrorist attack is real. Terrorism remains an enduring, persistent, worldwide threat to our nation and the Armed Forces.

One of our most effective techniques to prevent a terrorist attack is training and awareness of all of our key personnel: military, DoD civilians and DoD contractors and family members.

Maintaining awareness in all activities on and off post will help ensure the safety and security of the Lawton-Fort Sill community.

There are several ways people can help support Fort Sill during antiterrorism month.

First all military, DoD civilians and DoD contractors can ensure they have performed their annual AT Level 1 training. This training is available online at This training can also be taken by family members and is required for all family members over the age of 14 who are accompanying a military member outside the United States, such as on PCS orders.

Reporting suspicious activity is also a very important part of AT awareness month. Any suspicious activity should be reported. The tenants of the Army IWatch Program, "See Something, Say Something" should be used for reporting suspicious activity.

The Fort Sill IWatch phone number is 580-558-0000 to report suspicious activity. Suspicious activity can also be reported through the unit chain of command, through Lawton Crime Stoppers at 580-355-4636 for suspicious activity in the Lawton community, or 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.

Everyone functions as extra eyes and ears for anything out of the ordinary to augment the security forces on Fort Sill. Additional IWatch resources are available at

Additionally, it is imperative that all Fort Sill personnel maintain awareness during travel outside the United States. Military, DoD civilians and DoD contractors on official travel must obtain a country specific antiterrorism travel brief before their travel. This briefing is available through unit AT Officers. All key personnel are highly encouraged to review Department of State country information at, as well as register with the trusted travelers program,, before traveling outside the United States.

Knowing how to respond to an active shooter event is also very important. An active shooter is defined as an individual with a firearm who has been shooting citizens, and who continues to do so even in the presence of responding officers. This individual is willing to exchange fire with officers and kill unarmed citizens. Individuals should respond to an active shooter event by evacuating if it's safe to do so, hiding out of sight if evacuation is not possible, and as the last resort taking action against the shooter when their life is in immediate danger. Training for active shooter response is available online at

The protection of our facilities and our people requires continued vigilance: We can prevent and defend against the threat of terrorism to remain the most decisive land force in the world. See Something, Say Something!

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