Fort Rucker Lemon Lot features deals
WO1 Jonathan Behuniak inspects a vehicle that he thinks his fiancée might enjoy.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (July 26, 2012) -- The Lemon Lot on post is ready to help Soldiers and Families make or find deals on wheels, whether they're looking to buy or sell.

The secure gates of the Lemon Lot currently protect over 30 vehicles and trailers off of Andrews Avenue day and night. The paved used vehicle lot helps people sell their many modes of transportation and people put everything on the lot, said Joan Varner, program manager at the arts and crafts center.

"Motorcycles, boats, RVs, trucks, ATVs, tow trailers, cars and other recreational vehicles. We have even had planes out here," she said.

The price to place an item on the lot varies depending on how large the item is, but clients always seem to walk away happy, according to Varner.

"This lot sells the car for them. It couldn't get any simpler. [The vehicles] basically walk off the lot," she said.

Spaces are available for rent by the month.

"Spaces for large travel trailers and boats are $30 a month, while motorcycles, cars, trucks and smaller spaces are $20 a month," Varner said.

Customers seeking a new vehicle but who can't make it out to the lot can find many of the vehicles on the Lemon Lot website.

"An additional $5 charge is added to those who want to be on the site as well as on the lot. If they just want to be on the website and not place their vehicle in the lot then the charge is $15 a month," she said.

Varner said that proof of ownership of the vehicle is required either to place it on the lot or on the site.

"They need their registration, a title or a bill of sale to show ownership," she said. Clients also need to have a matching I.D.

The benefits of selling a vehicle on the Lemon Lot are many.

"There is a lot of foot traffic here," said Varner. "The fact that it's on base and super accessible is great. Plus, Soldiers and veterans trust each other."

Buying and selling at the Lemon Lot can be a speedy process, Varner added.

"Soldiers price it themselves and sell it themselves. They put their direct contact numbers on the vehicle so they can quickly be in contact to sell," she said.

Varner added that since Soldiers are always coming and going, there is always someone wanting to buy or sell.

One such Soldier was looking for a fuel-efficient car for his fiancée.

"I know that people are deploying or whatnot and don't want to have to store a large ticket item like a car, so I just wanted to check out what [the Lemon Lot] had to offer," said WO1 Jonathan Behuniak, B Co., 1st Bn., 145th Avn. Regt.

"It is such a transient post, people will sell their cars here, not just sit them here. So many people are coming for classes or graduating, as well as veterans in the area that circle through daily," Varner said.

Jimmy Cook, an Air Force veteran, said he likes to look and to trade, and is always passing through the lot to support military personnel.

"I just sold something not too long ago, and right now I have a motorcycle for trade because I am getting a little too old to ride," he said.

"Things turn over so quickly on this lot. I have had several personnel buy a vehicle on the lot and then sell it on the lot four months later. If you have anything you want to sell and sell now, come place it on the Lemon Lot," said Varner.

The Lemon Lot is located on Fifth Avenue between the Soldier Service Center and AAFES gas station on the opposite side of the road.

To register a vehicle, go to the arts and crafts center located in Bldg. 9205 on Fifth Avenue or visit,

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