Kevin Doyle, Mission Assurance Program Manager, and Tony Kline, COOP planner at headquarters Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command listen intently during the Continuity of Operations office and Emergency Management office workshop. US Army Photo.

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- July 17, 2012 --The Continuity of Operations office and Emergency Management office at Headquarters Army Materiel Command hosted a workshop here July 17-19.

"The workshop is an opportunity for COOP planners from across AMC to assemble in one venue for an intimate, face to face conversation on proposed lessons learned from the training, and the exercise this past May," Mark Schmitz, AMC's Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Emergency Management (EM) Program Manager said.

While minimum requirements for COOP planners are spelled out in Army Regulation 500-3, the AMC team is concentrating on development of its own plan.

The plan will identify and prioritize mission essential functions, or MEF, develop procedures for handing off those functions to an alternate headquarters, and establish an alternate location where they can execute MEFs, explains Schmitz.

MEF are conducted when a crisis occurs, such as a tornado, loss of electricity, or large scale accidents.

"Safety is a part of everything we do through risk management. It is important that we establish, train and maintain procedures to execute our MEFs simply because bad things happen," Schmitz said.

The workshop is an opportunity to continue this discussion with AMC subordinate commands and agencies on how to ensure execution of their MEFs at all times, from any location, and under any circumstance, he continued.

"It's important to all AMC employees so that they know what roles and responsibilities they might be expected to fulfill during a real hazardous event."

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