"Kiss Me Kate" comes to Yongsan
Yongsan actors (left to right) Muria Nisbett, Jackie Raimondi, Chris Mammour and Levi Sutton perform a dress rehearsal for the comedy, "Kiss Me Kate." The play will be at the Moyer Community Activity Center Theatre April 24-26 and May 2-3.

<b>YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea</b> - The rollicking Musical Comedy 'Kiss Me Kate' will take the Moyer Community Activity Center Theatre by storm 7 p.m. April 24-26 and May 2-3.

Kiss Me Kate is a story of love and love lost among the actors performing a "new musical version" of the Taming of the Shrew. Of course, we see some of the music set to the Shakespeare play, as well as the "back stage" music and life of the cast and crew.

Star of stage, silver screen and former wife of Fred Gram; Lilly Vanessi/Katherine is played by Lea Sutton. Fred Graham plays Petruchio and is portrayed by Jeremy Bolduc. Tim Zigler plays Lillie's new love interest, Gen. Harrison Howell. Fred and Lilly are boh threatened by two endearing Gangsters played by Levi Sutton and Carlos Moura. Bianca, Katherine's younger sister is played Jackie Raimondi who also plays, "back stage" Lois Lane, who and Bill Calhoun are an "item" Bill plays Lucentio and is portrayed by Chris Nammour.

Because it is a "play within a play," there are actors playing actors playing roles, it may sound complicated but it is much more funny than complicated. Area Community Theatre's cast moves the show along, telling the story, and keeping the comedy and the audience rolling.

Rounding out the cast in a variety of roles are: Area Community Theatre veterans Elda White, Dave White, Janna Goetz and welcome newcomers; Muria Nesbitt, Na Ra Miles and Hector Falcon.

Tickets are $3 in advance and $5 at the door. An advance ticket gets an assigned seat, a ticket purchased at the door is for general seating. Tickets may be purchased in the Music Room # 216 of the Moyer Community Activity Center (the bus station) Wednesday through 1-9 p.m. Sunday.

For information, call 723-5721.

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