Schofield Barracks, HAWAII--Soldiers from the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command participated in a semi- annual safety stand down day on June 29, 2012 on Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.
The unit conducted the training to meet the Army's requirement for safety training in areas from disaster preparedness training to drown proofing and deep-water entries training.
"The goal of our safety program is to provide our Soldiers with as much information and training as possible so that in the event of a disaster or any incident, they will have the knowledge on how to deal with the situation," said 1st Lt. David G. Macaspac, the executive officer for 94th AAMDC Headquarters and Headquarters Battery and a Honolulu native.
The unit's safety training spotlighted a variety of areas in the Army's safety program.
"Today we focused on summer safety and incorporated fire safety as well because it is very important since the Fourth of July is approaching and Soldiers will use fire works and also outdoor grills," said 1st Sgt. Gregory P. Tidwell, the 94th AAMDC HHB first sergeant and an Albuquerque, N.M. native.
"My favorite part of safety stand down training was learning how to use my Army combat uniform trousers to float in water and the deep-water entries," said Pvt. Kia M. Mullins, a St. Clair, Mich. native and a 94th AAMDC intelligence analyst.
One of the Army's golden rules is safety is a top priority for its Soldiers, civilians and their family members.
"It's very important that people get educated in areas of water safety such as drown proofing and the basics of learning to swim so that when situations occur they will know how to stay afloat," said Delori H. Manus, a life guard at the Richardson pool on Schofield Barracks and a Hawaii native.
"I feel that training days like these are very important," said Mullins. "Hands on training like this is good for Soldiers because you can only learn so much from a book."
Tidwell later added, "We also trained on disaster management and how important it is due to tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters that may occur at anytime on this island. Training was also conducted on drown proofing due to the high numbers of Soldiers spending a majority of their free time at the beach surfing or scuba diving."
Manus later stated, "Remember to never swim alone and always go out with a buddy no matter what you're doing in the water."
The 100 Days of Summer began on Memorial Day and will end on Labor Day. Each year the Army incorporates lessons learned and new safety training in order to educate its Soldiers and to make the organization a safer work environment on and off official duty.

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