Hospital launches 'smart' technology
Jenna Bird, a recent patient, with daughter Adelyn Bird test out the new features on the hospital's smart suite system June 26 with Ensign Davi Mack, smart suite super-user.

FORT BELVOIR, Va(June 20, 2012) --Fort Belvoir Community Hospital launched the latest innovation in bedside care featuring smart suite technology June 26, becoming the first military treatment facility to engage in this particular mechanization.

The interactive system connects the patient and family to their provider and facility information while offering environmental control through a portable bedside keyboard and television.

Smart suite also enables the patient to manage their schedule, fill out surveys on services and care, show patient-specific information, and set room controls all with the touch of a button.

"One of the main initiatives of this hospital is patient family-centered care," said Ethlyn Gibson, clinical nurse specialist. "This helps the patient feel in control of their environment and ultimately helps with the healing process."

For recent patient Jenna Bird, the smart suite technology provided a welcome relief by being able to adjust room settings -- such as the blinds -- all at her fingertips.

"At a hospital, you normally can't wait to get out," Bird said. "Here, I feel spoiled. I don't want to go. Being here is like being on vacation."

But the smart room system aims to actually decrease the length of a patient's stay by promoting fewer interruptions in care, less wait and hold times, and rapid response to patient events and requests. With features such as "My Goals," a patient's care is well choreographed as this feature encourages collaboration between the caregiver and patient in order to record the patient's objectives -- what he/she hopes to achieve while in the hospital.

"The smart suite promotes communication between the provider and patient and allows the patient to feel they are part of the process," Gibson said. "It makes a huge difference in their recovery."
Smart suite also benefits the provider through an electronic display outside the room, which communicates important data to clinicians such as a patient's fall risks and allergies. It provides clinicians new ways to view and interact with important patient information, which can result in increased time at a patient's bedside. Additionally, it helps to decrease errors and documents a clinician's presence in the room.

With the smart suite capability, healthcare providers can deliver the best and most advanced care possible while elevating the level of healthcare across the military health system.

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