Sons of Pitches dominate Guardian Eagles
Andrew Walsh, player for the Sons of Pitches, dives onto home plate to bring in a run for his team during an intramural softball game at the Fort Rucker softball fields June 26. The Sons of Pitches beat the Guardian Eagles, 26-6.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (June 28, 2012) -- Despite forecasts of storms, the weather at the Fort Rucker softball fields was right as rain allowing fans and players to enjoy the intramural softball games.

The 6th Military Police Detachment's, Sons of Pitches dominated their opponents, the 1-58th Airfield Operation Battalion's, Guardian Eagles June 26 by a score of 26-6.

"We were working awesomely together and everybody was doing their part to contribute [to the win]," said Ocie Conner, pitcher and coach for the Sons of Pitches. "We basically wanted to go hit for hit and score runs and beat the team to the end."

The game started off in good spirits for the Eagles as they brought in two runs during their first at-bat, but their opponents followed suit by bringing in a 2-run shot during their time at the plate.

The Sons of Pitches asserted their dominance early on in the game by hitting back-to-back base hits, which allowed them to lead their opponents by 11 points early on.

The 1-58th AOB's offense seemed to be lacking in the first inning, but at this point it was anybody's game and the Eagles had the chance to get back in the game and close the gap.

Luck didn't seem to be on their side as two of their batters hit pop-ups early in the inning leading to two outs putting more pressure on the team to score runs.

They began to show some promise when their offense started to pick up speed and they kept the ball on the ground, allowing them to score four runs during the inning and inch closer to their opponents.

The 6th MP detachment took to the plate in the 3rd inning with their still substantial lead as two of their players were walked, which allowed the next base hit to load the bases.

They maintained their lead and pulled further away from the Guardian Eagles by hitting multiple base hits and double-hitters while their opponent's defense seemed to dwindle.

The Sons of Pitches continued to conquer the scoreboard throughout the inning as Eric Brown hit an in-the-park home run and brought in two runs to add to their already sizable lead.

Their time at bat finally ended with a pop-up to center field, but the Guardian Eagles had their work cut out for them if they were going to have any hope of turning things around.

That hope was quickly lost as the 1-58th AOB swiftly racked up three outs and officials called the game at the end of the 3rd inning as the Sons of Pitches led by 20 runs, 26-6.

Capt. Brian Wheat, commander of the 6th MP detachment, was proud to be in the crowd and support his team throughout the season.

"I'm glad to see they got another win on their record," he said. "I want them to win the commander's cup this year. The bragging rights would be nice."

Wheat admitted he isn't a softball player when asked why he wasn't on the field with his team, but more of a flag-football guy, adding that he supports his team in other ways.

Conner, however, enjoys the sport as an athlete and a father who coaches his kid's teams.

"I've always been athletic my whole life growing up," he said. "This is the closest thing I can do outside of coaching my kids and watching them play sports. It's also good exercise."

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