The 551st Medical Logistics Company, Task Force 56th, held a medical equipment training class for Iraqi army soldiers at Camp Taji, Monday.

The class covered the proper safety, maintenance, and procedures used when operating the Pro 4 On Site Gas Oxygen Filling Station.

"The system takes the 21 percent pure ambient oxygen from the air by compressing it and removing all other non essential gases to produce 93 percent pure oxygen that is ready for medical use," said Chief Warrant Officer Jonathan D. Richardson, health service maintenance technician, 551st Med. Log. Co.

Medical grade oxygen is used for breathing treatments, surgical procedures and various other forms of patient care.

The team worked with the Iraqi army to first install the system and then create the proper training required to use the system.

"When we arrived in Iraq they did not have any O2 capabilities and these units were in crates," Richardson said, "My soldiers worked very diligently to get these systems installed."

"They trained eight Iraqi army soldiers, showing them how to operate and fill medical grade oxygen bottles," Richardson said

"If you know the steps, it's quite simple to operate. The training is all about safely going over the gauges and teaching them to fill oxygen cylinders," said Spc. Cory Zeigler, medial logistics specialist, 551st Med. Log. Co. "The training went well, and an individual from my class is already able to train his fellow soldiers on operating the system."

The On Site Gas Oxygen Filling Station is capable of filling 60-70 oxygen tanks in a 24-hour period.

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