YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - Yongsan Library recently recognized the winners of its March essay contest.

The contest, held March 1-15, was designed to promote development of writing skills for all ages, said Dr. Esther Kim, library director.

"Through this writing event, we expect not only to promote the usage of Yongsan Library, but also to enhance the morale of military families in Yongsan," she said. "In addition, it is our great interest to develop writing habits of our customers, including students, so they can improve their writing skills."

Participants wrote essays from 150 to 300 or more words on the topics, "What is the future" or "Who is the world's greatest person/influence and why."

The evaluation was based on the combination of several criteria, said Larissa Toth, a contest judge. "The most important criteria was how well the essay addressed the topic questions.

Creativity and the use of vivid descriptions and sensory imaging, as well as grammatical aspects, were also equally important. I was impressed by the constant reference to the new technologies that might lead us into the future."

Zachary Brehm, who won the elementary school-age category, explained his vision of future technologies. He said, "I described new airplanes, vehicles and weapons in the future. It was a lot of fun because I like writing."

High school winner Ana C. Barr's described how important her parents are and how they were her heroes.

"Her eagerness just got my attention," said judge Heather Brown. "It's nice for the students to be recognized for their hard work. It was a really good contest for students."

David Norris, an English professor with University of Maryland University College, judged the adult category essays, and he emphasized the importance of writing activities.

"Good writers are also good readers," he said. "We absorb knowledge without realizing it."

Each winner received a certificate and an Army and Air Force Exchange Service gift card during the March 21 award ceremony.

The essay contest winners are:
Elementary school
1st: Zachary Brehm
2nd: Thomas Barr
3rd: Sumaiya Irfan

Middle School
1st: Madison Eister
2nd: Nathan Poravak
3rd: Michael Mscolo

High School
1st: Ana Barr
2nd: Rachel Eister
3rd: Jahlay Dominguez

1st: Maria Egel
2nd: Julianna Lopez
3rd: Briana Tillman
4th: Elinor Kim

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