ACS gains accessibility, capabilities in move at Anniston Army Depot
Members of the 167th Theater Sustainment Command, headquartered at the Fort McClellan National Guard Training Center, attend Master Resiliency Training at Anniston Army Depot's Army Community Services facility.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- During the summer of 2011, Anniston Army Depot's Army Community Services moved to a new home. Now located outside the main gate, the organization's accessibility, resources and services have increased and Tawania Kovacs, the ACS director, said she hopes to see an increase in their client base as well.

Most of ACS' services are open to employees on the installation as well as military retirees, their spouses, National Guardsmen, military reservists and active duty military.

Moving outside the main gate means ACS clients don't have to have a badge to visit them.

But, increased accessibility is only one feature of the new facility.

"One of the highlights of moving outside the main gate of the depot, aside from accessibility, is our new resource room," said Kovacs.

The resource room has four internet-accessible computers and a library of books and videos on a variety of subjects from military issues to family life and employment questions.

ACS also has their own classroom, where courses, such as Army Family Team Building, are taught.

"Army Family Team Building benefits the population as a whole," said Kovacs. "It can improve communication skills and many other skills employees need."

ACS has 11 programs and services available to most of the clients they serve. For specific eligibility requirements for services, contact ACS. They have had to streamline these programs in the past year, due to staffing limitations.

For Army services outside the scope of programs and services provided by Anniston's ACS, the staff often has contacts or information and can refer people to programs sponsored at other installations or through other organizations.

ACS is also constantly looking for new volunteers and new places for their volunteers to serve.

"We have 106 active volunteers in our system, but not all of those individuals donated their time within the last year," said Amanda Mullinax of ACS. "This gives us a large pool to pull from, especially with our other volunteer partners. But, we are always looking for more volunteers."

Organizations wanting volunteers may contact Mullinax in ACS with a job description for the volunteer they would like to have. Mullinax will match the job duties with those who volunteer on the installation.

For more information about ACS services or volunteer opportunities, call 256-235-4874 or visit the ACS office.

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