Fort Drum to host combat paintball challenge April 11-13
FORT DRUM - Paintball warriors from across the country are invited to participate in the 10th Mountain Division Combat Paintball Challenge, a competition based on Army combat skills to be held here April 11-13. The three-day outdoor challenge will offer a healthy recreational competition, bringing Soldiers and civilians together and enhancing community cohesiveness. The tournament consists of registered 10-man teams accomplishing missions while engaged in an overall scenario. "We hope to offer Soldiers and communities that support them a safe, modern, high adrenaline, recreational opportunity - competing together in a sport in which there are few social or physiological barriers," said Tobias Schultz, adventure training paintball specialist. Each team will select individual players to be assigned specialty roles such as a sapper, scout, or medic. These individuals will receive special training necessary for the completion of some missions. A player may only be assigned to one role, and that role cannot be changed mid-game. Teams are responsible for any training their alternated may require in order to fill in for a missing member. Teams will report to their command centers to receive their missions. Mission Points will be awarded based on a matrix that will include difficulty of the mission, characters eliminated, success level of the mission and other elements. Players will be "redeployed" from their FOBs (forward operating base) or either of the two TIPs (troop insertion points) a team has ownership of during the game. "The 10th Mountain Division Combat Paintball Challenge will help promote the positive programs such as the Adventure Training Program we provide for our Soldiers at Fort Drum both locally and nationally. Paintball in itself has proven to be an excellent medium for stress relief, team building, and enhancement of leadership skills," said Schultz. "This event will also provide Army Soldiers with a sense of pride in showcasing their skills to civilian competitors and the public that often doesn't understand what they do on a day to day basis." Teams who wish to participate, but have no desire to be part of the tournament, are welcome to register at the head table as an OPFOR (oppositional force) unit. Nontournament teams should register early and take advantage of the special rate. OPFOR teams are not eligible to win tournament prizes but may still receive door prizes or "Easter Eggs." Team play and individual play prizes will be awarded in both play sections. Register a team with one alternate for $500 for a chance to win cash prizes: first place, $3,000; second place, $1,500; and third place, $500. Individual play offers prizes as well. Forms are available at Adventure Training, Parks and Recreation 315-772-4010 or 315-772-0045 or online at Award packages will be given to the top three tournament teams; door prizes will be given out to random players throughout the event; and "Easter Eggs" can be turned in for special prizes. Event Schedule • April 11 - Check in begins noon Friday. • April 11 - Friday at 7 p.m. is the captain's meeting and training time for specialists. Playing field is available Friday for players to walk and become familiar with the area. • April 12 and 13 - Event will cover two days of actual play. • Play runs from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. • At 7 p.m. April 13 is the awards ceremony dinner held at the Commons, free to all players. Attire: casual. Media interested in speaking with competition organizers and touring the event site should meet at the Fort Drum Media Operations Center on N.Y. State Route 26 at 9:30 a.m., March 26 for escort to the event site. For more information, contact the Fort Drum Public Affairs Office at 315-772-8286 or

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