ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Army News Service, March 27, 2008) -- Beginning April 1, the U.S.Army's Human Resources Command will require that all Officer Evaluation Reports and Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports be electronically submitted using "My Forms" on Army Knowledge Online.

The new requirement was announced in MILPER Message 08-51, which notes that rating officials must sign evaluations with digital signatures using the CAC and use the latest form versions.

"The Army made this decision in order to prepare units to submit evaluations in a fully electronic environment. We're laying the groundwork for a smooth transition to Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (known as DIMHRS) in October 2008, " said Lt. Col. Chelsea Ortiz, from the Evaluations Systems Office at HRC.

Dario Velasquez, who runs the Reports Processing Branch for Regular Army and Reserve OERs and NCOERs, said he looks forward to the change.

"Electronic submission is reliable, quick, and provides virtually error-free documents for final review and processing at the HQDA level," Velasquez said. "Because we're getting a better product from the units, our examiners are able to push the evaluation to the Soldier's Official Military Personnel Records File more quickly."

Additional benefits of completing evaluations within the My Forms Portal include:

Aca,!Ac Digital signatures eliminate the need to print hard-copy forms

Aca,!Ac Forms have embedded wizards which help rating officials navigate through the process, providing guidance and policy

Aca,!Ac Administrative information on both rated officer and rating officials can be automatically filled from the Integrated Total Army Data Base.

Aca,!Ac With just one key stroke, rating officials have ability to create an evaluation report from the counseling/support forms. All required information transfers from the counseling to the evaluation form, reducing the need to cut and paste or retype data.

Aca,!Ac Rating officials route forms behind My Forms and useTracking to monitor the history of the form throughout the process. Users may also email forms outside the portal but they lose the benefits of My Forms' tracking.

Aca,!Ac Reduced need to expend resources on special mailing costs

Aca,!Ac Eliminates printed copies and paper without compromising the personal nature of evaluations.

Exceptions to this requirement include evaluations from deployed units, Army National Guard NCOERs which are mailed to state and territory points of contact, and classified OERs and NCOERs. These reports may be submitted in paper format.

Deployed units continue to retain all available options for military evaluation submission, to include electronic submissions in My Forms, mailing hard copy reports, and OERs by e-mail (once established as an authorized sender).

All other units must submit OERs and NCOERs electronically or request an exemption to use paper format per guidance provided in the MILPER Message.

"Go to our Web site, read the training slides, and go to My Forms. For units that have never tried submitting evaluations electronically, the best way is to just get out there and do it," said Sgt. Maj. Arlita Crawford, chief, NCOER Policy.

Training on the total My Forms process and specific aspects of electronic submission of evaluations is available under the "What's New'" heading at the Evaluations, Selections, & Promotions Webpage at <a href=""target=_blank></a>.

Those with questions on this directive should refer to the MILPER message first, and if that does not address their questions, officials at HRC can be contacted at

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