Bulldogs take down Double Tap during tournament
Marcus Prichard, player for Double Tap, sends the ball flying over the fence with a 2-run home run at his first at bat during a mid-season softball tournament game at the Fort Rucker softball fields.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (June 7, 2012) -- Children played in the stands, and Families and friends watched as teams took to Fort Rucker softball fields to participate in the 2012 Mid-Season Softball Tournament.

The B Company, 1st Battalion, 11th Aviation Regiment Bulldogs were one of the victorious teams as they took on the members of the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory's team Double Tap and advanced to the next round of games in the tournament, winning the game 14-13.

The game started strong for team Double Tap as Marcus Prichard hit a home run to bring in the first two runs of the game in the first inning. They continued bringing in runs ending the first inning 4-0 and set the pace for the rest of the game.

Double Tap showed promise through the beginning of the game as they widened the lead as Prichard hit his third home run of the game, bringing in two additional runs and maintaining their lead to 6-1 at the top of the third, but ending their home runs for the game.

"I knew we had them when [Prichard] hit that third home run with just a solo shot," said Robert Smith, coach for the Bulldogs, adding that teams are only allowed three home runs per game.

The Bulldogs showed they weren't out of the game as they followed up by bringing in three runs by the end of the inning.

Their opponents continued to put on the pressure though, as Double Tap consistently brought in runs throughout the game, but that wouldn't hamper the Bulldogs' morale.

"I just tell my guys to keep your heads up throughout the game," said Christopher Saucedo, pitcher for the Bulldogs. "If [we're] down by two or three [runs], just keep going and we'll pull through."

The Bulldogs did pull through and proved that they were still in it when they tied the game in the bottom of the fifth with multiple base hits, eventually pulling ahead of their opponents as Jeffrey Gehringer hit a 3-run home run to go up 13-8.

"We had better hitters and we had better fielders -- plain and simple," said Smith. "We knew that they were a big team that hits home runs and they only get three a game."

Double Tap went into the next inning aggressively as they maintained the momentum they showed throughout most of the game and stayed on the Bulldogs' heels bringing in five runs early in the sixth inning, but were unable to retake the lead going into the rest of the inning, which gave their opponents the opportunity to again widen their lead.

The Bulldogs only managed to bring in one run during the bottom of the inning, giving Double Tap the chance to close the 2-run gap.

Double Tap managed to pull out an in-the-park home run at the top of the 7th and to bring them within one run of their opposition, but the team was unable to get any hits through the infield and the Bulldogs won the game.

"I've been playing softball for 22 years," said Smith. "Close games like this are the best to play. It's better to come out on top like we did, but these close games are the most fun."

The games aren't only fun for the players, but for the people watching from the stands as well, according to Jennifer Stinson, an Enterprise native who came out to enjoy the games with her friends and son, Jason.

"I like to bring my son out here because it's great for him to play with some of the other kids while I watch my friends play," she said. "It gives us something to do on the weekdays."

The final Mid-Season championship game will be played June 7 at 6 p.m.

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