USASAC worker helps world through 'math problems'
Tammara Buckey works on foreign military sales case closures for the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command and volunteers throughout the community in her spare time.

Working with overseas partners during foreign militaries sales case closures has taught one U.S. Army Security Assistance Command employee the value of relationships. Tammara Buckey, an accountant for USASAC's Resource Management division, also applies the same ethics to her involvement with the local community through her volunteer work.

Buckey, who joined the command last year, has worked for the Army for the last four years including being assigned to posts in Germany and California. She currently works case closure for USASAC's EUCOM and AFRICOM regional operations.

She describes her work as "a bunch of math problems." She says that the most time-consuming aspect of her job is the research it takes to find records and accurate data for old cases. She recalls one of her more difficult cases for Israel that took almost six months to close due to the age, complexity and amount of research required to resolve the discrepancies. Buckey says it is complex cases like these and the more high-profile cases she works for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that give her a sense of accomplishment when she is able to close them. After all of the research is complete, it is the solving of the so-called math problems that lead to reconciliation of the accounts, which in turn, allows for case closure.

Buckey said the impact the work has on foreign policy is what she likes best about working at USASAC.

"I think it's an important mission to fulfill," she said. "How better to strengthen an alliance with another country than to offer products and services that will help secure its borders and hopefully our own borders too? As a great nation we should take advantage of the opportunity to help other nations become more democratic and militarily self-sustainable.

"On a smaller scale, I enjoy working here because of the close-knit, family-style organization we have here," she said. "Minus a few crazy cousins," she joked.

Although Buckey has only worked at USASAC for less than a year, she said she already feels like part of the USASAC family. She quickly volunteered to be a part of the activities committee as a way to meet people in the organization and help plan and raise funds for employee activities.

While she does enjoy "helping the world through math problems," ask anyone who works with Buckey and they will tell you she is concerned with helping people and making the world a better place, both inside and outside the parameters of work.

"Tami is not only a true career professional, but she goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist the general public in many meaningful ways," Stewart Wakefield, USASAC Resource Management branch chief, said.

She volunteers with multiple community service programs and spends much of her spare time working with underprivileged youth and the homeless in Huntsville.

Buckey works with her church as a part of a ministry called "Tent City," an outreach ministry for the homeless in Huntsville. Another area in the community that she volunteers with is Community Awareness For Youth (CAFY), organized through the Huntsville Police Department. She is involved in an upcoming back-to-school event for Madison County youth to inform them about various career opportunities and the "Four Pillars of Success" -- health, physical fitness, career and education.

USASAC serves as the "Army's Face to the World" and strongly emphasizes building relationships with foreign countries. Buckey takes that to heart when dealing with foreign customers and affiliates. She takes it one step further and applies these same principles to building relationships in her own community as well.

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