Army sees excellence at Reggie's Club
Clarence "Dave" Sisney, who managed Camp Stanley's Reggie's Club for nearly eight years, has won the U.S. Army's prestigious James A. Carroll Excellence in Management Award for management of Reggie's.

Camp Stanley club manager named James A. Carroll Award winner

By Franklin Fisher

CAMP RED CLOUD South Korea -- Clarence "Dave" Sisney, who for nearly eight years managed Reggie's Club on Camp Stanley, has received a prestigious, top-level Army award for excellent management.

Sisney received a James A. Carroll Excellence in Management Award for his work as an Army community club manager, said Christopher Bradford, the U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud's director of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

Sisney, 60, a retired Army first sergeant, managed Reggie's Club from June 2004 until this April. He has since been assigned as manager of the Camp Red Cloud golf course so the garrison can "capitalize on his talents and his proven performance," Bradford said.

"This is one of those awards that is for the entire Army, all around the world," said David Roudybush, chief of business operations with the garrison's FMWR.

"The award is very prestigious," he said. "Some of the best managers who work for the Army have won this award."

In nominating him last year for a Carroll Award, garrison officials said he had scored major accomplishments in making Reggie's a club that earned a steady popularity with Soldiers and whose books went from deep in the red to squarely in the black under his management.

Of special note, said Bradford, was that until only months ago, Camp Stanley was the site of the Warrior Readiness Center, through which Soldiers were processed on arrival in Area I. The center has since moved to Camp Hovey.

"So it was kind of, in my mind, one of the most important camps and facilities," he said. "It was the first impression Soldiers coming into Area I would receive of Area I and FMWR."

Sisney made robust efforts to provide quality food-and-beverage service and to mount special events that would entertain and otherwise benefit those Soldiers during the weeks they spent processing through the center, Bradford said.

"What this means is that David Sisney and Reggie's Club and MWR and USAG Red Cloud are ensuring that our Soldiers and families receive quality programs and services that they deserve," Bradford said of the award.

Sisney, the nominators said, put big emphasis on hands-on, attention-to-detail management; on making sure customers were getting good food and service; and on hiring the right staff, making sure they spoke good English and got proper training. He also worked to foster good staff morale.

And adding to the achievement is the fact that the nomination put Reggie's in competition with clubs at Army posts in the United States, which typically are bigger, have more customers, and more chances for managers to bring in entertainment that draws customers, Roudybush said.

"So to be able to win this award at a small camp, that is, Reggie's, and to go up against the Fort Braggs and the Fort Lewises and the Fort Hoods of the world is just really impressive," he said.

"Dave is one of those managers that is in tune with what his customers want and he is always striving to talk with them, find new ideas and really understand the voice of the customer," said Roudybush.

"The award has my name on it, okay?" said Sisney. "But I deserve about 10 percent of the credit for that award. The reason being, my staff is the greatest staff in the world. Without their customer service and their loyalty and their hard work, we wouldn't have to that award, okay?"

Among the most important things he did at Reggie's, said Sisney, was making sure he hired only those who spoke good English.

"That's the secret," Sisney said. "Find the ones who speak English really good."

He knew he'd been nominated for the award but actually getting it was jolting, he said.

"I almost fell out of the chair," at the news, said Sisney. "It was a double shock because I said, 'Reggie's? Nobody's ever heard of Reggie's.' But now they have".

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