LoRusso family celebrates two more West Point graduates
Larry and Elizabeth LoRusso (far left and right) celebrate with their sons, 2nd Lts. Larry and Brian LoRusso, at the Firstie Club May 26. Also in the photo are 1st Lt. Kevin LoRusso (second from the right), who flew in from Germany to be with his brothers, and Capt. Nick LoRusso (on screen) who administered the commissioning oath to his brothers from Afghanistan via video teleconference.

WEST POINT, N.Y. (May 30, 2012) -- Larry Sr. and Elizabeth LoRusso from Long Island watched as the last of their four sons graduated from West Point May 26 and proudly pinned second lieutenant bars on Brian and Larry LoRusso at the Firstie Club, surrounded by the West Point Lacrosse team, family and friends.

All four were lacrosse players while at West Point, a tradition started when their Aunt Margaret presented all four with lacrosse sticks as holy communion gifts.

"We were always a sporty family," Elizabeth said. "The children played soccer, T-Ball, basketball, went into wrestling and football, but lacrosse became their favorite sport."

Brian and Larry LoRusso graduated with the Class of 2012 and celebrated commissioning with their two older brothers there----more or less.

Class of 2009 graduate 1st Lt. Kevin LoRusso was able to fly from Germany to support his younger brothers and Capt. Nick LoRusso, Class of 2007 graduate, was there via video teleconference from Afghanistan for their oath.

"I knew it was in the works to have my brother Nick here with the VTC," Brian said. "This is huge and so great to have all of my brothers here for our bar pinning and to have my family here. They are like my best friends."

Grandfather John LoRusso said he has been to all his grandsons' graduations and has supported them on their deployments.

"I recently sent a 42-pound and a 23-pound package to Nick," John said. "My dad sent salami to me once in World War II in bread cut lengthwise. It's the least I can do for my grandsons."

The video conference came about after Larry Sr. attempted to find out if his oldest son could come home for the graduation and commissioning.

"I wasn't aware that Nick attempted to do the same thing," John said. "It wasn't possible as Nick hadn't been in Afghanistan for very long, but we were able to get the video conference set up."

Kevin is stationed in Germany and will be leaving shortly for Fort Sill in Lawton, Okla., but was very happy he could get leave to support his brothers.

"This is an awesome experience," Kevin said. "It's great being back and I'm just glad I could get back for this."

Brian and Larry seemed to take this all in stride, receiving hugs and kisses from all family members in attendance.

"My brothers shed the light of West Point and I fell in love with it once I was here," Brian said. "It was tough, but when I saw my first graduation, I knew it would all be worth it."

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