YONSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea- Twenty Soldiers from 14th Military Police Detachment, 94th MP Battalion submersed themselves into a truly Korean atmosphere by mingling with Korean students from Yangseo High School located in Kyeonggi-do, May 25.

When the group of U.S and Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldiers arrived at the school, one and an half hours from Yongsan, hundreds of students, teachers and faculty members greeted them enthusiastically.

"On behalf of Yangseo High School, I am really thankful that we have the opportunity to share remarkable cultures with U.S. Soldiers and KATUSAs," said Kwon, Jin-soo, Yangseo High School principal. "We all can study and work in better environment by virtue of U.S. and ROK Soldiers in Korea and would like to recognize the strong ROK-U.S. Alliance."

After the opening ceremony, the first thing the students did was to greet their partners. Each student waved a handmade board with their Soldier's name on it and welcomed their partners for the event.

As delegates from the school and missionaries of Korean culture, the students guided the Soldiers through tourist attractions such as Dumulmeori and Silhak Museum near the school.

Surrounded by Korean students full of curiosity and excitement, the Soldiers were also escorted throughout the school and experienced the daily lives of Korean high school students. Male students also teamed up with the Soldiers and played a variety of sports.

The highlight of the event was to learn Samulnori, Korea's traditional percussion music based on old farmer's folk music. Each Soldier was specially tutored by the students, Samulnori experts who have won several local competitions. The Soldiers experienced intensive training and performed the upbeat sound of Samulnori with the students at the end of the day.

"At first, we felt a bit strange but we were able to get to know each other fast by sharing our cultures and caring for each other," said Jung, Ah-yeon, president of the Samulnori club. "I want to thank the Soldiers for making precious memories."

"This event is more about really getting our Soldiers and local people involved together and it is really embracing Katchi Kapshida," said Cpt. Edmond Cabana from 14th MP Detachment, 94th MP BN. "Because we definitely go together in all aspects more than just the Military."

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