U.S. Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal, Mich. -- Often we miss the opportunity to thank the military spouse, the Hero behind our Heroes. The military spouse is the one who holds the home together while their service member is absent. They regularly must act as a single-parent, act as a teacher, a role model, a minister, a confidant, a leader, and an ally for others in the same situation. The person that can accomplish all of the above has a heroes' spirit.

While the service member is away, performing their own selfless service, it is no easy task for the ones left behind to take on the logistics and juggling-act of an entire home, career requirements, family needs, and all the while attempting to provide great support to fellow spouses. When one analyzes all of the facets which the military-spouse is expected to execute during the deployment of their service member, the sum of those missions appear to be quite overwhelming, yet, thousands of military-spouses, each-and-every-day, step up and accomplish their jobs in a highly efficient and effective manner.

It was, assuredly, with this in mind that Ronald Regan, in 1984, initiated Spouses Appreciation Day which is celebrated annually, the Friday before Mother's Day. Of course, no one day can capture the amount of gratitude that should be showered upon these heroes of our own communities but it does ensure that we cannot neglect the sacrifices that these home-grown heroes have made. As stated earlier, these individuals are truly and faithfully the Hero to Our Heroes.

Detroit Arsenal's Army Community Service will host spouse appreciation event from 9:30 a.m. -- 2:30 p.m. May 15 in the dining facility at Selfridge ANGB. There will be guest speakers from ACS, the commissary, central Macomb Community Credit Union, the Hantz Group and more. There will also be table displays by the fitness center, Leisure Travel, family advocacy and more. The event will include a free lunch. We at Detroit Arsenal look forward to meeting with our military spouses and spending the day highlighting their greatness.

For more information or if you would like to attend please call the ACS Spouse Appreciation Coordinator, Jenny Downey, at 586-282-0483.

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