BAUMHOLDER, Germany - It was dirty work but Baumholder's Girl and Cub Scouts stepped up to the challenge and got the job done. As part of Earth Day activities, the scouts worked together with the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division to clean up the wetland area near the lower Wetzel gate and portions of lower Wetzel Housing.
"It was a great initiative that helped to raise the environmental awareness at the garrison and we agreed that garbage collection was relevant and important to protecting the environment," said Timo Klipstein, environmental engineer.
The older scouts collected everything from discarded tires and bicycles to a rusty old bed in the wetland area while the younger ones policed lower Wetzel Housing.
"Garbage is both an aesthetic and ecological problem. First, we do not want to share our living environment with waste thrown away by people. Second, most of the garbage is petroleum based and cannot decompose. It cannot be included in the ecological nutrient cycle and can be harmful to the ecosystem," said Klipstein.
"The event was a great success and I am proud of the boys and girls. They were very engaged in removing garbage from the swards and wetland areas. They managed to collect about five cubic meters of garbage in only one hour. I heard some of them even continued the next day," said Klipstein.
Taking care of the environment is not just for the professionals like Klipstein or other DPW employees. It is everyone's responsibility to properly dispose of their refuse, officials said.
The U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder has placed much emphasis in protecting the environment. The garrison's Go Green program is a prime example. Separate containers for glass, metal, paper and regular garbage have been placed throughout the community's housing areas, the cantonment area and in office spaces.
Recycling containers also show up at community events such as the recent 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team welcome home celebration.
"The scouts were well organized. They tackled the task and achieved good results. Most of them had lots of fun and did not mind pulling garbage out of the mud," said Klipstein.
If you want to help save the planet, start in your home and where you work. Follow the garrison's recycling plan and separate your glass, metal, paper and regular trash and place them in the appropriate containers. Don't leave it up to the Girl and Cub Scouts to do your dirty work.

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