Yongsan-gu and Garrison fire departments showcase firefighting skills
Firefighter from Garrison fire department saves a child dummy at high rise exercise held at Hannam Villiage, April 19. To bolster commitment and cooperation, the Garrison fire department and Yongsan city fire department held a joint high-rise exercise. The exercise was successful as firefighters contained the situation. (Photo by Pfc. Lee Hyokang)

YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- Katchi Kapshida. We go together. Two fire departments separated by language, but connected by mission held a joint fire drill at Hannam Village, April 19.

Both the Yongsan-gu Fire Department and U.S. Army Garrison Fire and Emergency Services teamed up not only for an operational drill, but to solidify its strong working relationship.

"Implementing a mutual aid agreement with the City fire department is the number one thing," said Alex Temperado, fire chief for USAG Yongsan. "Training is a part of it and we are doing it here at Hannam villiage because it is located off post and so we are trying to use city fire department as a first response vehicle in case there is a fire here. They can respond much quicker."

The fire drill was conducted based upon real situations. Smoke machines were used to block up sight, while fire alarms were sounded. Two dummies were lying down on the floors and a child dummy was located at the balcony window, pretending to be screaming for help.

The operation room was set up in the apartment parking lot. They were informed that smoke had been seen in a living room on the seventh floor of the building. Firefighting and rescue teams from both departments accompanied by fire engines and a mobile escalator were deployed.

The firefighting and rescue team contained the situation. They found two wounded "people" and carried them to an ambulance and a fireman on a ladder truck successfully saved the child.

"This was an excellent and well performed exercise," said Temperado. "I couldn't have asked for a better relationship with our Yongsan-gu Fire Department partners. I know we can go together and accomplish our real-life missions because of the great training we do together."

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