HONOLULU -- A ribbon cutting ceremony for new Tripler Army Medical Center employee fitness rooms took place April 24, at 11:30 a.m.

The fitness centers are just one part of Tripler's new "Be Well" campaign, which promotes healthy lifestyles for TAMC staff. A big part of it is resiliency. Resiliency refers to one's ability to quickly recover from change or misfortune.

"Part of resiliency is being physically fit," said Brig. Gen. Keith Gallagher, commander, Pacific Regional Medical Command and TAMC. "You treat people who are sick and ill, as well as some of our great Americans who have been down range and who have seen things that no one should ever see. They are trying to cope with that and you are trying to help them cope with that. As a result, you become a second casualty of the war."

Gallagher encourages his staff to talk to one another, talk to the professionals at TAMC and to do things that get them to where they think and cope with the stress of their career experiences.

"A part of (learning to cope) includes physical fitness and physical training," Gallagher explained. "These (Provider Resiliency Fitness Training (PReFiT) areas) will help serve that purpose. If you get tired physically, you get tired mentally and emotionally."

Resiliency has many key components, but PRMC's Resiliency Team wanted to start with the basics.

"People are coming off shifts late and we wanted to have a place for everybody to work out," said Howard Reyes, regional program supervisor, (Army Medicine) Care Provider Support Program, Pacific Regional Medical Command. "When you are physically fit or you have had a good work out, it just seems to make everything else a lot easier, including your mood and emotions.

The rooms are located at room 2G315 across from the Chief, Logistics office, and at room 3F701, Physical Therapy. Both rooms require ID card access. The 2G PReFiT room features cardio equipment, weights and CrossFit equipment. The PReFiT Mauka room at 3F features cardio equipment and is expected to receive more in the future. While the 2G PReFiT room has 24/7 access, the hours for the PReFiT Mauka room at Physical Therapy are only before 7 a.m.; 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.; and after 4 p.m. Monday-Friday; weekends and holidays 24-hour access. All other times are reserved for patient care.

In addition to the fitness areas, Gallagher reminded staff that the side walk loop around the outside of the hospital now connects and encouraged them to utilize that as well.

"Physical training and physical fitness is helps you clear your mind, but most importantly it keeps you healthy," Gallagher said.

Be sure to look for the next Be Well campaign initiative, the 50 Mile Challenge that kicks off May 14.

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