Fort Benning Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Hardy takes notes during the Army Career and Alumni Program's three-day Transition Assistance Program workshop on Wednesday in McGinnis-Wickam Hall, Building 4. Hardy was among more than 200 participants in the workshop.

FORT BENNING, Ga. (April 25, 2012) -- The Army Career and Alumni Program helps Soldiers transition from their military career to a civilian career. The mandatory three-day Transition Assistance Program workshop helps Soldiers choose a career path and how to be successful. Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Hardy, who will retire this summer after 26 years was one of more than 200 participants who completed the TAP workshop last week.

Hardy said Gerry Catus and Leawanna Abernathy, TAP facilitators, did a "tremendous job" providing the necessary information to people in order to help set them up for success.

The TAP workshop assists Soldiers with tasks such as how to complete resumes, conduct job searches and interviews.

Hardy said the workshop was worth the time spent.

"I strongly encourage the leadership to ensure their Soldiers have the time to attend as far out from ETS/retirement as possible," Hardy said. "The information gained is invaluable will greatly assist each individual as they transition to a career after the Army."

During an interview with The Bayonet Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler said Soldiers should take full responsibility for themselves and get help from ACAP.

"Don't just go to the basic requirements," he said. "But learn everything that is available to you. Pay particular attention to the Veterans Affairs briefing and understand your full entitlement."

Chandler said a Soldier's service is "something the country honors, and part of that comes from the entitlements you receive through the VA. Many of our Soldiers aren't aware of them and don't fully utilize what's out there for them. Understand your benefits and use them, because there's some great things out there to help Soldiers that honor their sacrifice and commitment to the nation. And part of that is through the VA."

Eddie Perez, Fort Benning transition services manager, said the workshop could also be done more than once.
Perez said the ACAP team was there to help Soldiers take the blinders off and teach them to give themselves credit for the experience they gained while in the military.

"The Soldiers shouldn't be scared to come to ACAP," he said. "A successful Soldier that transitions to a new career is the best advocate for the Army."

Hardy's said his next step is to "put together my master application worksheet and prepare my resume based on the info gained from the TAP workshop." He will also be attending federal resume class on May 3.

Editor's note: Vince Little contributed to this report.

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