Dear Army Recruiters...
Dear Army Recruiters...

United States Army

The Chief of Staff

March 07, 2008

Dear Army Recruiters,

The United States Army remains at war and an incident like the bombing of our Times Square Recruiting Station will not deter our Warriors already in uniform, nor will it deter the patriotic Americans whose interest in serving the Nation is so great.

I am extremely proud that after briefly moving to Union Square while the station was crime scene, the recruiters later reoccupied the Times Square location. In fact, Staff Sergeant Ruben Avila, the Station NCOIC, conducted a recruiting appointment there that afternoon. This is a great testimony to the resilience of our Soldiers and their adherence to the tenets of the Warrior Ethos - I will always place the mission first; I will never accept defeat; I will never quit.

Thank you for doing the most important of duties - recruiting quality, motivated Americans to serve this Nation in a time of war. Your work in this face of challenges, and dedication to your mission is as inspiring as it is critical.

Finally, we do take the safety and security of our recruiters and those interested in serving the Nation seriously. The Army will do all we can do to ensure that they are protected.

Army Strong!



George W. Casey, Jr.

General, United States Army

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