Silver Spurs
Justine Kiefaber, a spouse of a Soldier in Trp. A, 6/8 Cav. Regt., 4IBCT, 3rd ID, low crawls under barbed wire at the obstacle course, April 12, during the "Mustangs'" spouse spur ride on Fort Stewart, Ga. More than 70 spouses participated in the event.

FORT STEWARt, Ga. - Teamwork and a competitive spirit invaded the obstacle course on Fort Stewart, Ga., April 12, as spouses of Soldiers with 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Third Infantry Division, competed in the squadron's spouse spur ride event.

More than 70 spouses, distributed among six teams, tested their grit at the Engagement Skills Trainer, in a casualty evacuation exercise, through the obstacle, bayonet and grenade assault courses, and in the shoot house during the day-long event that coincided with the "Mustangs'" spur ride, April 10-11.

Caitlin J. Sherwin, who competed with one of the Headquarters and Headquarters Troop teams, said she figured if her husband was strong enough to complete the spur ride, so was she.

Sherwin said she participated despite having given birth to her second child via c-section, March 26.

"I did it because of my husband--I [wanted] to see what he does and see what it's like," she said. "If he can do it, I can do it."

Each spouse who participated in the spouse spur ride received a certificate, April 13, acknowledging their induction into the Order of the Spur and authorizing them to wear the coveted silver spurs. Each team was also recognized for the event in which they excelled during the competition.

The spouses of Headquarters and Headquarters Troop's first team were named Most Daring for placing first in the obstacle course, and spouses of HHT's second team were considered Most Explosive for placing first in the grenade assault course.

Spouses of Troop A were recognized for producing the most creative and ingenious guidon among the teams, and spouses of Troop B were touted as Top Guns for placing first in the EST.

Spouses of Troop C were named Most Aggressive for placing first in the bayonet assault course, and spouses of Company D were voted Most Spirited for displaying extraordinary enthusiasm and motivation throughout the trials.

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