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Spc. Rochelle Krueger, 3rd Sustainment Brigade

FORT STEWART, Ga. - There are so many things about recycling that I could talk about that could help protect our earth but being an Army mechanic, I'm going to focus on how keeping a well-maintained vehicle will not only save you money but also help protect the earth.

Some cars are more environmentally friendly than others, such as hybrid or electric cars; but what matters the most is that your vehicle is well-maintained no matter the age of the vehicle.

Now not everyone is mechanically inclined, but each person should know how to check their tires, oil and air filter.

Your tire pressure play big role in fuel consumption.

The American Automobile Association advises that underinflated tires can cut fuel economy by as much as two percent per pound of pressure below the recommended level.

If you notice the wear on one tire is different than another, it could be as simple as one or more of the tires are underinflated or over inflated. You can get a tire gauge almost anywhere these days. To check the tire pressure, unscrew the cap on the valve stem and place the pressure gauge on it and read the number. As long as it matches what the manufacturer suggests, you are golden.

Keeping track of your vehicle tune ups is important to help stop global warming. When the vehicle has clean oil, it brings it back to maximum efficiency. It will decrease the oil consumption and diminish emissions.

Understanding that not everyone can change their own oil, it is important to research and know the type of oil your manufacturer recommends. The difference, aside from price, synthetic or non-synthetic oils, is that synthetic oils take longer to break down as fast. When oil breaks down, it leaves sludge and deposits, which can affect the efficiency and longevity of your engine.

Aside from fuel, your vehicle also needs air to run. The air filter blocks dirt and debris that could potentially harm your engine. Changing your air filter when your manufacturer recommends will also make your vehicle last longer.

If your "check engine" light comes on, be sure to get it checked as soon as possible. A lot of auto parts stores can get the code for you for free. It could be just as simple as an improperly placed fuel cap or a serious issue that a mechanic may have to address.

For more information on maintaining your vehicle, visit the Fort Stewart Auto Craft Center. You will have access to bays and almost any tools you need, and the employees are friendly and very knowledgeable.

Maintaining your vehicle is just a small way you can contribute to a healthy environment.

Clean air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, can save billions of dollars in health care and lost work time.

Think of it as another way to stay combat-ready!

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