Paik, Sun Yup awardee
Sgt. Mo, Min Young, Co. B, 1st Bn., 15th FA is one of four winners of the division-level Paik, Sun Yup Board in 2007.

Every person meets at least one great opportunity in his or her life. Depending on whether the person catches it or not, his or her life can be changed thoroughly. However, not everybody can capture it. Only the people who are prepared for it can be "the ones."

Many KATUSAs want their two-year military service to be a great chance for their life. Sgt. Mo, Min Young, Company B, 1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery, who won the division-level Paik, Sun Yup board is one of them. He encountered the moment and grasped it, being "the one" because he was ready for it.

"I really wanted to change my introspective personality," said Mo. "So, I was determined to focus on it while in the Army. Meanwhile, one of the senior KATUSAs suggested that I participate in the Paik, Sun Yup Board. I thought it could be both a challenge and a life-changing moment for me."

One of the hardest parts for him was memorizing things in English because he was not good at English. It was natural for him to feel strange with military terms and acronyms. Responding to NCOs' questions also made him feel nervous. Nevertheless, he didn't give up and stuck to his study and preparation.

Other people's help accelerated his efforts. Senior KATUSAs in 1-15 FA helped him a lot because some of them had experience in preparing for the board. For example, they held a "pre-board" for him so he could get used to answering questions before NCOs. Mo said it was the key to his confident manner at the board.

"My company commander and first Sergeant came down to the motorpool where I work, encouraging me a lot during the preparatory period," said Mo. "While it was a little pressure to me, I could keep motivated and proud of what I was doing, thanks to their visit. Making it to the upper level board, I gained an outgoing attitude and self esteem."

His will to change himself, refusal to give up and help from many people were combined and resulted in his winning the division-level Paik, Sun Yup board and a breakthrough to his life.

"After finishing my service, I'm not going to be afraid of challenges and want to do something active and energetic based on the positive attitude that I gained from the Paik, Sun Yup board."

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