Riding a motorcycle on ANAD? Check your PPE
Bea Holman, a safety specialist for the Defense Logistics Agency, displays proper apparel for riding a motorcycle on Anniston Army Depot.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Operators of privately owned motorcycles, trikes and mopeds must have a valid motorcycle license issued by civil authorities to drive the vehicle on public roadways.

The following PPE is always required on Anniston Army Depot:

1. Department of Transportation-approved helmet, properly fastened under the chin

2. Eye protection, which includes safety glasses or a face shield, properly attached to the helmet. A windshield or fairing is not considered proper eye protection

3. Long pants

4. Long-sleeved shirt or jacket - year round

5. Full-fingered gloves or mittens designed for motorcycle use

6. Foot protection, which includes sturdy over-the-ankle footwear that affords protection for the feet and ankles (durable leather or ballistic-type cloth athletic shoes that cover the ankles may be worn). Low quarter style safety shoes or sneakers and slip-on shoes do not meet this criterion

7. A brightly colored, outer upper garment during the day and a reflective outer upper garment during hours of darkness or reduced visibility. The outer garment should be clearly visible and not covered. Items may be worn on top of the outer garment, but they must meet the same visibility requirements of the outer upper garment.

On ANAD, a brightly colored reflective belt minimally meets this criterion.

The reflective/brightly colored item(s) are to be worn by the rider (and passenger if applicable) and should be visible from any side (360 degrees).

Jackets or other outer garments with reflective material built into the jacket meets the reflective criteria.

The bright color for daytime riding can be a brightly colored long sleeve shirt or jacket.

The intent of the brightly colored and/or reflective garment is in case the rider becomes separated from their motorcycle; the motorcycle rider will be seen by on-coming traffic.

The wearing of any portable headphones, earphones or other listening devices is prohibited. Motorcycle operators may wear motorcycle helmets equipped with operator-passenger intercom systems. The Alabama Helmet Law states no external projections shall be more than one-quarter inch above the surface of the exterior shell.

Failure to wear required PPE may lead to the Directorate of Emergency Services issuing a traffic ticket, which will include a potential fine, Military Police Report and blotter entry. Violations could result in a suspension of your motorcycle driving privileges on ANAD.

Each motorcycle, trike and moped operator on the depot is required to satisfactorily complete an Army-approved motorcycle safety course. Prior to completion of the course, the operator will receive a temporary registration, which will be replaced by an ANAD decal upon completion.

Motorcycles, trikes and mopeds must have headlights illuminated at all times and must have two rearview mirrors -- one on each side of the vehicle.

For information on the motorcycle safety course offered at ANAD or the PPE requirements contact the Safety Office at Ext. 7541.

For more information on enforcement or violations contact DES at Ext. 6736.

Portions of this article were excerpted from ANADR 385-1.

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