04/04/2012 CAMP DARBY, Italy- Italian students from "Gamerra" middle school in Riglione, Pisa spent the day at the Livorno Unit School learning about their American peers March 26.

"This is an incredible experience for our students," said Italian middle school English teacher Ylenia Ciliberto. "Learning about the different school system and sharing experiences with American students is enriching for both groups cultural background."

During the students visit, they were amongst the first to enjoy the brand new digital Star Lab.

"The Star lab was incredible," said student Davide Di Pede. "We entered the planetarium and were able to see the stars, constellations and planets, amazing; we do not have something like that in our school."

After a question and answer section where Italian students tried to answer in English and American students in Italian, the visit continued in the school yard where students could play soccer or basketball, or just have fun together.

""I like my new American friends," said Riccardo Sbrana. "I have to say that we are better soccer player though."

Michele Antonelli added that Italian soccer is much more aggressive and his new friends are slower and probably more correct while playing.

At lunch time the students enjoyed the school cafeteria just before they took a computer class.

"It is a great opportunity to get to talk with students from a different country and try to learn their language," said Faith Campbell. "And those boys are good looking too." echoed her friend Maya Falcon.

The students left with the intent of sharing more experiences with their new friends and invited the Livorno Unit School students to visit their school.

"It is amazing, we live so close to each other and everything is so different," said Andrew Ceglie. "It really seems like we visited America during out trip and yet we are just around the corner from our school."

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