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Fort Stewart Garrison's leaders, Col. Kevin Milton along with Command Sgt. Maj. James Ervin listen to commissary manager Steve Young during the second council meeting, March 6. The open-forum allowed council members to present recommendations based upon personal experience or comments received from other commissary patrons.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - Fort Stewart's Commissary Council members met March 6 in an open-forum to address issues and concerns. The meeting, steered by Fort Stewart's Garrison Commander Col. Kevin Milton, was the second time the group met this year. Committee members present recommendations based upon personal experience or comments received from other commissary patrons for the manager to resolve.

"This was kind of an outcry from the community," said Steve Young, Fort Stewart's commissary manager.

He continued, "The community started talking with Garrison Leadership and asked if this [council] would be feasible. We agreed and thought this would be a feasible project for the installation and get the community involved with their commissary and provide a better benefit than we are already providing."

Topics of concern for patrons included reducing the amount of restocking items made during peak times, expired items on shelves, including a damaged egg section and the availability of boneless chicken. All of these concerns were addressed by the manager and with a positive outcome.

Committee members also shared recommendations for areas of improvement that included improved lighting both inside and outside the facility, adding more variety to several product lines, allowing scaled items to be purchased in the quick checkout line and alerting customers of the store's emergency procedures during inclement weather.

"I whole-heartedly take every bit of information that is given to me and take it back to my management team or headquarters to try and get some wishes of the commissary patrons into the facility and providing a better benefit," Young said. "My team works really hard to make it a better facility for them."

In addition to discussing old business, Mr. Young gave an update regarding the current renovation project and increased meat selections which now include bison, rabbit and duck.

To improve the effectiveness of the group, Col. Milton asked for members to help spread the word about the council as to improve the overall commissary experience for patrons.

"I had several of the members stop me in the store and saw some of things they had brought to our attention that we fixed," Young said. "Some of their ideas had been placed in the facility and they stopped me to let me know that I reacted to their concerns or issues … and that we fixed some of the problems."

Improving the quality of life for Fort Stewart Soldiers and Family Members is a top priority for Col. Milton and information gleaned from the forum is very significant. The commissary is a benefit for Military Families with a huge cost savings.

To learn more information about the council, Family Members of service members are asked to contact their Family Readiness Group.

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